What is Wrapped NXM token ?

The Nexus Mutual ecosystem is powered by Wrapped NXM token that is traded on crypto exchanges too. WNXM coin grants the right to participate in all kinds of interactions and the life of the company by means of requests, risk assessment, and governance. It uses a continuous token model that regulates the NXM price. This model allows anyone to buy NXM at any time at variable prices based on the amount of the capital. Moreover, the community members are entitled to a share that excesses the required one to pay potential requirements. To put it simply, the more money is in the mutual pool, the higher the NXM cost. Besides, NXM can be a great investment and you will see it, if you continue reading. In case you decide to purchase the tokens on a crypto exchange, you don't need to use the Nexus Mutual platform. But first, let's take a look at how the NXM price has been changed over time.

Wrapped NXM token price

The NXM coin market cap is $77,998,012. Currently, the entire supply is in circulation and makes up 1,676,964 WNXM.

The NXM cost started in July 2020 from the point of a little bit more than $10 and until the beginning of spring 2021, it has never dropped lower than that level. Moreover, NXM is constantly increasing in price, that is why if you decide to buy the tokens, most likely, you will be able to sell Wrapped NXM at a higher price in the future. The first peak value of NXM to USD was registered on August 21, 2020 (that day the NXM cost exceeded $65.)

After a couple of days, the price was stabilized at the level of $40, and was holding this position for almost half a year! Then the price jumped to $60, and in February 2021 even beat its record with the $70 value. Currently, it is traded for approximately $41-50 (keep in mind the high volatility of any cryptocurrency).

Talking about the NXM to BTC pair, the situation is different. Since October 2020, the chart has been showing a decline and now NXM is equivalent to 0.000837 BTC.

Wrapped NXM token

NXM coin

Nexus Mutual
Concept built on the Ethereum network and providing decentralized insurance to decentralized finance
Buying a smart contract
According to the protocol document, "The smart contract cover is designed to provide protection against material loss of value as a result of the" unintentional use "of the smart contact code."
After the purchase of coverage, the amount of coverage goes to the capital pool, which improves the financial position of the entire joint group
Staking in ETH 2.0, Nexus DAO will be able to delegate most of its assets there
has the ability to "layered" profitability when one revenue-generating token is placed in another protocol, where it brings revenue again
Targets Nexus
This token will immediately generate staking income and will not require the merger of ETH 1.0 and ETH 2.0

Wrapped NXM token how to buy?

The easiest way to buy Wrapped NXM is using a crypto exchange, for example, P2B. Here you can make safe deals involving 300+ coins and tokens. Except trading, our exchange can become your perfect platform for long-term investments. All you need is to:

  • create a personal account;
  • choose any convenient payment method you like;
  • verify your data;
  • start trading!

Now you can buy and sell NXM like any other available cryptocurrency at any time. The great crypto range makes it possible to build the best investment portfolio. Or, if you like to trade aggressively, our platform provides all the necessary tools to help you with choosing the most appropriate tokens and tracking the actual trends in the crypto market. Besides, we welcome new community members with 100 free PACT tokens!

Investing in WNXM

Investing in NXM: is it a good idea?

The insurance industry used to be a community-based model, but it has turned into a competition one dominated by large institutions. But the worst part is losing the effectiveness of the existing system, thus, it needs considering.

Nexus Mutual took a significant step forward and proved the accuracy of the chosen way. The technology of blockchain allows people to interact effectively with each other and to eliminate the need for insurance companies at all.

DeFi's affordability provides greater possibilities to insurance applications. The project has already drawn the attention of large companies and received powerful support from people. All the mentioned factors make WNXM crypto a good investment. Nexus Mutual grows very rapidly, even compared to many other blockchain projects. This reflects the crisis in the traditional insurance market, the urgency to change the game rules, and the trust of the community in the success of this company.

As it was shown above, the more people contribute to the mutual pool, the stronger NXM is. Currently, it is an opportune time to invest in Wrapped NXM, since its price is expected to continue growing.

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