What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Doge is one of the oldest and most renowned cryptocurrencies. This open-source project went public in 2013 as a Litecoin fork. The name “Doge” pays tribute to one of the hottest Internet memes of that time, the cute Shiba Inu dog. The animal evoked so many positive emotions in the audience that it was chosen as the official logo of the new coin. Doge started as an amusement asset but quickly grew into a thriving token with a sustainable ecosystem. You can store this coin in the official Doge wallet that is compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, and Android. Alternatively, you can choose among numerous Doge wallets by third-party developers, such as Ledger Nano, Guarda, Atomic, and many others. If you are planning to buy Dogecoin with Bitcoin or a credit card using fiat money, it should be a smart investment that would allow you to receive profit in the future. The total supply of Doge is uncapped, so buying Dogecoin lets you acquire a part of the never-ending emission, which opens impressive opportunities for trading, growth, and development.

Is Dogecoin worth buying?

If compared to many other cryptocurrencies, Doge can boast of the following advantages: Since this cryptocurrency is largely used for tipping, newbies eagerly join its community and start making transactions. The commissions for buying and selling Dogecoin are considerably lower in contrast to other cryptocurrencies. Doge encourages its users to make as many transactions as they wish and is highly suitable for regular use. You can sell and buy Dogecoin immediately. The block of this cryptocurrency is just 60 seconds and the difficulty retarget time is 4 hours. Buying Dogecoin allows people who are just entering the crypto world to learn more about the mechanics of cryptocurrency transactions. Experienced users and traders eagerly buy Doge as this asset has proved to be credible and long-lasting.

What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Why you should buy Doge at P2B?

Buy with card
Even though you can not buy Dogecoin with a credit card instantly, you can buy BTC, BCH, LTC, or ETH with fiat money from your card and then trade these tokens for Doge.
There will always be enough supply for you to buy Dogecoin.
Available on trades
The prices for all tokens are always kept at a competitive level.
95% of all assets are stored in cold wallets so that hackers can not get hold of them.
The platform works exceptionally rapidly: every second, 10,000 trades are processed and 1,000,000 TCP connections are established. You will not need to spend too much time buying Doge here.
Users Support
If you have any questions when trying to buy Doge or carry out other transactions, the multilingual 24/7 support will be eager to help you 24/7.

Buy Doge at P2B

Hopefully, this information came in handy, and you understand better now why so many people want to buy Dogecoin online. In addition to the numerous goods and services that one can buy with Dogecoin, be ready to use this token for tips, to reward the quality content creators. The main advantages of this coin are its long history, impeccable reputation, and a quickly expanding user base. The earlier you decide to buy Dogecoin with Paypal or any other payment system, the more you will gain. The smartest solution would be to purchase the coin through P2B, select a safe wallet, and enjoy the numerous benefits of this token fairly soon!

Buy Doge at P2B

Is Dogecoin purchase the only way to acquire this coin?

To buy Dogecoin with debit card or funds from your crypto wallet is not the only way to obtain it. Doge tipping is common among gamers as well as Twitter and Reddit audiences. To receive and distribute Doge, you need to participate in a thread or community that uses the coin. To store the tips, you need to start using a Doge wallet.

Alternatively, you can visit the Doge faucet: this is a site that gives newbies a few Doges for free so that they learn how to use it. The given amount of Doge would not be enough for trading or purchasing any valuable assets — so you will need to buy Doge in addition to what you received as a gift.

Besides, if you do not want to buy Doge with credit card, Bitcoin or altcoins, you can mine it. Just like the BTC, Doge relies on the proof-of-work protocol but uses it in a different way, applying the Scrypt technology. Since 2014, you can mine Doge together with Litecoin on your Linux, Mac or Windows — either solo or by joining a Doge mining pool.

Where to buy Dogecoin

buy Dogecoin

Buying Dogecoin lets you obtain a considerably larger amount of the coin if compared to what you might receive with tips or faucets. Centralized and decentralized exchanges allow customers to buy Dogecoin with USD, buy Dogecoin with INR or many other fiat currencies as well as crypto. If you want to buy Doge with Paypal, be ready to purchase BTC or one of the top altcoins and trade them for Doge.

Those planning to buy Doge should know that its market capitalization reaches $403 260 930. The total and circulating supplies equal 127 265 430 198 Doge. People normally buy Doge in large quantities because its price fluctuates around $0,003.

At the moment of writing this article, one could buy Doge in nearly 300 market pairs. The best opportunities to buy Doge were provided by such platforms as HBTC, Bidesk, Xtheta Global, Mxc.com and Binance. However, you might want to buy Doge at P2B — the reasons for it will be enumerated in the next passage.

The rules and benefits of the P2B referral program

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This site gives you much broader opportunities rather than just buy Doge or other assets. You can invite new customers here and receive a commission in your wallet for each transaction they make, regardless of the asset.

In your user account, you can generate a unique invitation link. Send it out to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances inviting them to buy Doge or carry out any other operations on P2B. Explain to them how to use properly the “Dogecoin debit card” purchasing option (through other coins) and other merits of the system.

As soon as your peers register on the site, you will start receiving your commissions. You will not need to buy Doge or do any operations from your wallet to make money. P2B allows you to earn passive income only by spreading the word!