JCC Junca cash

The Junca platform is a quickly developing decentralized system focused on developing the Asian financial market and stimulating its growth. The project originates from Japan, but, currently, it is making a great success in the Philippines. Since 2018, the Junca Cash project has received three awards. The project is actively supported by local mass media and governmental agencies.

Junca JCC Beauty

Originally, Junca launched a beauty salon business with the initial goal to open 100 stores in the Philippines offering branded high-quality products.

The word "junca" can be translated from Japanese as "to purify". Junca Salon is a beauty franchise the aim of which is to overcome women's concerns about how they look. The company philosophy is to provide women with all the necessary means to reveal natural beauty. All products of Junca Salon are developed using Japan's advanced technologies and the purest ingredients. As a result, customers can get healthy beauty care products without harmful chemical components.

The company provides Filipinos with a great opportunity to become a part of the global beauty industry. Junca takes care of people's professional education in this sphere as well as hires locals to help in solving two problems at the same time: generating employment and training top-level hair specialists thanks to the institution called Junca Academy. Enhancing the level of education in the Philippines is one of Junca's top priorities along with improving the local economic situation.

JCC Junca cash

About Junca

Вepositing and withdrawing cash from branded ATMs with the help of the Junca app without inserting your bank card
JCC Junca Group
Facilitating electronic commerce due to shopping websites of the Junca Group
Online banking
Carrying out online banking operations, such as balance inquiries, money transfers, etc. on the app
Credit cards
Issuing credit cards that can be easily used to make purchases around the world
Tuition payment
Convenient feature enabling you to pay your tuition fees to attend a vocational training school in South East Asia on the Junca app (also, the company contributes to opening new vocational training schools)
Bonuses JCC
Bonus opportunities for Junca JCC platform users like a cashless store payment system that will be soon available in many stores

JCC financial services

The platform provides a wide range of financial, technical and crypto services to bring domestic and overseas remittances to a higher level. Besides, the project is aimed at providing currency exchanges and all types of payments with lower fees.

Junca's mission

The basic goal of the project lies in revitalizing the economy of Asian countries as well as supporting human resource and education development to bring people's life to a higher level. This result can be reached through utilizing the latest IT innovations and blockchain technology for upgrading the current financial system.

Also, the company works on improving human resources value in the Asian labor market. Junca sees achieving this purpose in improving the education system and establishing new educational facilities.

Thus, Junca's field of activities is much broader than just providing financial services of the new generation. This makes the project an important link in the chain of making the world a better place where anyone's needs are met.

Junca's mission

Who stands behind Junca

The company was founded by Hisayuki Nagatome who dreamt about giving good jobs to those who live in the Philippines and creating a new world's hairstyle standard that would be admitted on the international level. He started the Junca project that was aimed at solving both issues, after he obtained the Doctor of Humanities degree at the University of Oklahoma. The startup immediately drew much attention from local government agencies and many other institutions.

The core concept of Hisayuki's project lies in purifying the world and turning people back to nature with the help of innovations in the industry of cryptocurrency, financial transactions and beauty care. It is important, that there is completely no place for discrimination by race or gender in this perfect picture.

In 2002, Hisayuki moved to England and joined London's VIDAL SASSOON. Since that time, he participated in many events all over the globe that became a strong source of inspiration for his own beauty project with a big goal.

JCC crypto

JCC is the Junca Cash token powering the platform. It is based on blockchain technology and can be used by users of this platform for carrying out financial operations. But you can also buy the JCC token on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinsbit and P2B.

JCC Junca Cash is completely different from other crypto assets. It was issued to adapt to the current Philippine economic structure. The company is also going to issue so-called Junca certificates for products that have been approved by Junca Group. Due to this document a company receives marketing and branding support from the Junca family. Along with the number of alliance companies increasing, the number of JCC users grows too.

Junca Cash price

According to Nikkei NP (Japanese Economy Media ) and BSP statistics, annual remittances to the Philippines exceed $5.54 billion a year. 1% of cross-border remittances divided by 40 million JCC result in 13.86 USD/JCC per year.

The aim of Junca Cash is to reach a least 30% share of cross-border remittance by the end of 2023. Based on the estimations, it should yield 415.9 USD/JCC. JCC price is expected to double due to domestic settlement features. 1% brings 27USD/JCC, but when the goal of 30% will be reached, it results in 830 USD/JCC, respectively.

The target remittance fee is expected not to exceed only 1%. Thus, making money transfers using Junca platform is cheaper than using other payment methods available on the market now.

Junca Cash price

Buying JCC Junca Cash token

You can easily buy JCC on a centralized exchange like P2B. Taking into account the fact that this is a promising coin, it drew the attention of crypto investors. If you want to become one of them, just create an account and you are ready to buy, trade and sell JCC.

Distinguishing features of Junca Cash:

  • JCC is a Philippine coin that originates from Japan with great ambitions to break through internationally.
  • The Junca platform is created in order to improve the standard of living for people first of all in Asian countries.
  • The Junca project is supported by Philippine government agencies and financial institutions to promote the economic growth and development of the Philippines and Asia.
  • According to the company's philosophy, the project is aimed at improving the financial situation in Asian countries, providing employment and creating a new standard of natural beauty.
  • Since the project is supported on the governmental level and awarded several prestigious awards, buying JCC seems like a reasonable investment.
  • The price of JCC is expected to grow in the future. The forecast is based on current statistics.