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It is generally believed that cryptocurrencies are inextricably linked with commerce and, in a sense, are its embodiment, but things are not that simple. Thus, the innovative Veros platform proves that peer-to-peer technologies can be successfully used by patrons, philanthropists, and innovators exclusively for altruistic purposes. Today, P2B experts will consider VRS — a unique token that has every chance to revolutionize the cryptocurrency world. But first things first

A Few Words About the Project

Veros is an innovative platform designed for fundraising. The principle of optimization implies an opportunity of project financing by non-profit organizations, individuals, and companies engaged in philanthropy. Due to blockchain technologies, this is done in a transparent, fast, and secure way. The platform helps people, companies, and organizations achieve noble goals by utilizing the Veros crypto token, thus making this world a bit better. According to the developers, it is the beginning of a new era in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum blockchain technology served as the basis for token development. The algorithm is reliably protected and optimized. It is planned that only 10 billion VRS will be issued. Thus, the developers ensured transactions stability between private, commercial, and charitable organizations without involving financial and credit structures as intermediaries.

Buy VEROS Coin

A Little Background

International system
A truly international system. The platform is open to users from all over the world — Veros erases boundaries
No fees
No fees. All transactions in the system are accomplished completely free of charge
High reliability and safety
High reliability and safety. All transactions are protected by the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm
A lofty mission
A lofty mission. Relying on ecology, healthcare, and high technology, Veros benefits all living things on Earth
Ease of use
Ease of use. The integrated wallet and the absence of fees make the fundraising for good purposes child's play
Truly useful ads
Truly useful ads. More than 50% of all the browser advertising revenue goes to charity projects in the Veros system

Veros Marketplace

The developers started creating the server part of the project in early summer 2018, and as early as mid-July, the visual shell and the design of Veros Wallet, along with UI, were completed. A test release of the platform occurred by the end of August, and a mobile version appeared in September.

Buy Veros tokens

The first token listing on the exchange, along with the launch of a high-tech online store with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, called Veros Marketplace, took place in November 2018. In 2019, the developers launched a pre-sale platform of high-tech startups' tokens as well as a decentralized management system.

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