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If you haven't heard of blockchain and cryptocurrency yet, you likely live on a desert island. For most, these concepts are associated with digital money that is likely to completely replace fiat money in the near future. Currently, the crypto market has crossed the $2 trillion mark and continues to grow steadily. The number of cryptocurrencies is already approaching 12,000 worldwide. Today, P2B experts are going to tell you about another one. We are talking about XDX, the D.P. Monks Finance token.

A few words about the company and its activities

D.P. Monks Finance is an innovative English company that specializes in the development, financing, and promotion of crypto projects. It was founded in 2020 in London. By creating crypto projects, the company strives to make virtual money accessible, secure, and truly useful for users, including in terms of investment attractiveness.

Recently, developers presented an analytical application (project XD2), with which you can not only invest, but also learn financial literacy, trading, and earn money on your own financial forecasts. The latter option is available only to those who have achieved significant success in analytics and can confirm their achievements with corresponding backgrounds. The platform provides an opportunity to get free trade technical education, communications in different markets, high-tech analysis tools, and earn cryptocurrency using the APY function.


XDX buy

XDX is D.P. Monks Finance's

Reliable protection of protocols is implemented through the use of the Ripple platform and the most modern blockchain technologies
Everyone can purchase or earn XDX tokens. Users do not need to have special knowledge and significant financial resources for this
Complete decentralization. D. P. Monks Finance is the sole developer, investor, and beneficiary of the project; the company guarantees the absence of system control
Educational program
A powerful educational program. Every user of XD2 without initial knowledge can become a cryptanalyst and earn XDX
Unique product
The investment attractiveness of XDX is provided by the revolutionary application of XD2; the quotes of the token will steadily grow
Eligibility for airdrops in future projects of the developer. All holders of the token have this right; it contributes to the additional decentralization of tokens

XDX Token D.P. Monks Finance's

XDX is D.P. Monks Finance's own cryptocurrency that is integrated with all the developer's projects. It is available to everyone in the XUMM decentralized wallet. Its developers provide for the possibility of using XDX as an investment tool that is available to investors without special knowledge and significant amounts of capital.

XDX buyXDX serves as the main currency of the XD2 analytics application. With its help, users can not only carry out transactions among themselves but also receive profitable rewards for effective crypto forecasts. The XDX token went into circulation in November 2021. At the time of release, the price was 1000 XDX/1 XRP = $0.001.

The company acts as the sole developer of the asset and invests only its own funds in the project. This fact allows making the token easy-to-use and independent. Naturally, crypto money is completely decentralized.

Features of XDX

The XDX token is developed based on the XRPL cryptocurrency platform for payment systems. The total supply will be 10 billion and not a token more. 85-90% of the volume will be available on the market within the next 2 years. XDX holders will be eligible to receive airdrops tokens of native applications, which were created by D.P. Monks finance Ltd. This is done to quickly decentralize tokens for future launches of new projects.

To buy or sell XDX, you need to have a XUMM/DEX wallet. This is an XRP LEDGER client that only the owner has access to. Securely encrypted keys are stored on the user's device; iOS and Android gadgets are supported.

XDX price

Why is XDX profitable on P2B?

The platform has been successfully developing on the global crypto markets for more than 4 years. During this time, P2B has managed to create optimal conditions for conducting secure transactions with more than 200 cryptographic and most popular fiat currencies. It is advisable to carry out any operations with XDX on the website due to the following reasons:

  • One of the leading crypto exchanges in the world.
  • Cold wallets are used to store assets.
  • Average trading volume in USD per day — 1,400,000,000+
  • An impeccable reputation on all continents.
  • The best conditions for buying, selling, and exchanging XDX.
  • A user-friendly interface, 24/7 support.

A profitable referral program is another argument in favor of choosing P2B. Thanks to the program, referrers receive up to 15% of the turnover of their referrals in the form of net income. Referrers can cash out money without restrictions once a month. The number of referrals and, accordingly, the level of income are not limited.