BUMooN tokens

The BUMooN crypto project was launched in the summer of 2021. The big aim of this company is earth rehabilitation with the means of Safe Our Planet. To be more specific, the development team is focused on preserving the environment for humans, animals, and plants. At the same time, the project aims to help in reducing man-induced effects on climate change covering the whole world.

About BUMooN and its programs

A lot of people believe that most new technologies can only harm nature, but companies like this one show the opposite. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based solutions, and yield-farming can become a key to saving the environment in an unexpected way. Besides, these technologies provide significant opportunities for people to benefit in monetary terms. Let us introduce BUMooN tokens to you and tell us about the unique features of this project.

BUMooN tokens

Mission of BUMooN

Circular Business
We treat our tokens as a dividend tools to make BUMooN tokens become an endless stream of income
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The in-app swap doesn't required you to connect to the dApps environment through any other protocol
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Asset Tracking
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About BUMooN and its programs

BUMooN is one of the most ambitious projects in the crypto industry. Its value is backed mainly by numerous green programs, such as Garbage Mining, SooLAR, etc. At the same time, the team is focused on providing BUMN token holders with the most attractive rewards requiring no effort. Currently, blockchain technologies are the most suitable tool to achieve this objective. Such an approach makes it possible to distribute all the profits to all project participants.


So, let us take a look at the programs, and we would like to start with Garbage Mining. The project team made it possible to trade recyclable garbage for BUMooN tokens. Everyone can easily collect recyclable pieces of garbage, drop them at the BUMooN warehouse, and then get the BUMooN tokens. In addition, the team's aim is to scale up the liquidity pool by 90 % of total garbage selling. Only 10 % of the rest are taken as the fee for the team.

Another green program is called SooLAR. BUMooN closely cooperates with Solar Energy Company that tends to make the BUMooN tokens available as a rewarding method to accelerate social inclusion for environmentally-friendly lifestyles.

BUMooN tokens

BUMooN is an eco living token that operates on an automated self-staking liquidity-locking protocol. The project team has done its best to provide the BUMN token holders with secure yield-generation.

The crypto-ecosystem works in three major directions:

  • network donation pooling;
  • implementing green projects together with its own closed-loop business;
  • paying rewards for participation in BUMooN eco-oriented programs.

Taking into account the environment-focused idea of the project, the BUMN token provides no mining opportunities. This way of earning crypto requires much more energy than is needed. Besides, mining Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies annually produces nearly 30 kilotons of electronic waste!

The mission of BUMooN is to bring harmony to the digital-oriented world and help people increase their personal financial situation. The project proves that modern technologies can help us in dealing with burning issues without placing restrictions and making people turn away from the achievements of humankind. On the contrary, now we have much more opportunities to save and restore the balance of nature by smart investments.

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BUMooN roadmap

The roadmap of BUMooN includes four stages. The first one covers all the issues dealing with the concept and website, SMM, BUMoon merchandise, and presale.

The following phase starts with preparing the token for listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The next tasks are to hold a community pool for charity, undertake the first green projects, to burn tokens, to run an active marketing campaign, and to start the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Phase 3 is associated with expanding the team, carrying out more green projects, and BUMooN garbage dropship. According to the current plan, the final fourth stage is marked by opening BUMooN offline offices and further developing the roadmap, so, it is not the right time to put a full stop.

BUMooN tokenomics

The total supply of BUMooN is 1 quadrillion tokens. The entire amount of them is divided in the following way:

  • 40 %: Warehouse;
  • 30 %: Public;
  • 24 %: Burn;
  • 6 %: Developers.

The big mission of BUMooN is to be a long-term investment project with a rapidly growing community. Note that an independent whale dumping may cause short-term harm to the value of BUMooN, but the BUMN price stays quite stable. Moreover, according to the roadmap of the project and the ambitious plans of the team, the token price is expected to grow over time.

To invest in BUMooN and benefit from this project, you can simply buy BUMN on a cryptocurrency exchange. Currently, the tokens are available on Lbank (CEX), PancakeSwap (DEX), and P2B (CEX). The cryptocurrency is traded in pairs with USDT, BNB, USDP, and BNBP. P2B offers you not only a nice price, but also great terms of our referral program and a welcome bonus!