Intercoin ITR

Cryptocurrencies are often blamed for globalization, which threatens their value. Today, someone uses Bitcoin for online transactions, tomorrow, Ethereum will be used. Dozens of new tokens appear in the world daily, and users do not know which of them will be promising and in demand, and which ones will turn out to be a soap bubble that is destined to burst. However, this is not always the case. There are cryptocurrencies that are guaranteed to be in real demand. Intercoin is one of them, and the basis of its popularity is the uniqueness of each local currency within a separate community, which the coin can create. That is why experts predict that the Intercoin price will only rise in the future. P2B experts will explain everything that potential investors need to know about crypto.

Profile Intercoin ITR

Intercoin is the next step in financial evolution, allowing communities around the world to issue their own currency and manage it as a service (CaaS). ITR can be integrated into any mobile or web application and allows users to make online transactions in local currency. In simple terms, Intercoin is organized in the same way as the Internet; it is a global network consisting of smaller networks, each of which has its own profile. With the help of ITR, any community will be able to create its own ITR token, organize fundraising, and provide a basic income for cryptocurrency holders. The platform opens up the world of innovation in local commerce and management by acting as a bridge currency between every community coin and external ledgers, both fiat and crypto.

Intercoin ITR

Investing for the ITR

Unique concept. Each community promotes its coin within the system, providing the token with demand and liquidity.
Integration with local currency. Prices can be shown in the user's national currency (dollars, euros, yuan, rubles, etc.)
Social care system
Each user receives funds from the system daily. These are some money that will be enough to buy food and basic necessities, and pay for health insurance
It is provided with the most advanced cryptographic technologies and private keys that are used in the system instead of passwords
The maximum level of decentralization. Developers have solved all architectural problems, providing users with the ability to conduct transactions directly
Endless opportunities for crowdfunding. Fundraising and patronage have never been so simple, comfortable, and democratic

How does it work?

According to the principles of modern tokenomics, people who want to trade within a community simply host Intercoin on its network by transferring the coin to a community account on the global Intercoin network. In its turn, the local community network automatically gives the crypto the local currency equivalent. The system is similar to the MetaMask principle. These are internal tokens (liabilities) that can be exchanged for Intercoins (assets) stored in reserve. This way, users can exchange their own funds for tokens at a favorable ITR price and vice versa.

Community apps will be able to integrate their currency just as easily as PayPal does it, for example. ITR mass distribution will allow merchants not to withdraw their earned funds, thanks to which the reserves will increase many times over. That is why experts do not doubt the bright future of the ITR currency. This is almost the fact.Intercoin ITR

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