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Comparing IEO and IDO services

IEO and IDO crypto fundraising methods for crypto projects are efficient as they attract popularity for the token and help trade it successfully. These events require a profound promotion and are often limited by the relatively low marketing budget of a startup. In that case, the IDO or IEO crypto sales launchpad is the best option. But which event should you choose?

IEO Launchpad

IEO Roadmap

Preparation and PromotionIEO Launchpad FundraisingListingExpansion on other crypto markets

IEO Crypto Promotion

External IEO crypto community promoCustom Email campaign to verified P2B usersInternal P2B promoAMA session
For cryptocurrency issuers, IEO crypto sales are an easy and reliable way of rolling out the crypto launchpad without spending extra money and effort on promotion, services integration, and other technical issues. Our exchange manages everything from promoting the token or coin to the listing process and executing a resultative marketing strategy.By conducting IEO, crypto projects have more chances to attract investors; this is one of the biggest perks of starting a token sale on the crypto launchpad platforms.From this perspective, the platform takes a lot of the burden on the crypto project`s team:
KYC performance;Smart contract evaluation;Listing process.
You have nothing to worry about if you run a transparent crypto project with a promising cryptocurrency with potential. The platform’s team will figure out the best IEO launchpad solution and care for everything your project needs.

Launch successfully by IEO on P2B

IDO Launchpad

Exclusive on

IDO Roadmap

Preparation and PromotionWhitelistingIDO Launchpad FundraisingListingExpansion on other crypto markets

IDO Crypto Advantages

Simplified investment attractionSuits for DeFi, NFT, and Play-to-Earn projectsPromo for P2B CommunityNo registration and KYC
Compared to IEO, IDO launchpad crypto has a crucial difference—decentralized platforms provide it. With P2B, you can quickly launch your crypto IDO on CEX to grow your community, find a new audience of investors and attract them most conveniently.Apply IDO launchpad for crypto offered by the P2B platform. Your project will receive:
Multiple channels for IDO announcement: the total audience is 300K+, and everyone will find out about your project.Implementation of an efficient promotion strategy for the investors' audience inside and outside the exchange.Security guaranteed by the exchange.1-3 days to listing after the IDO fundraising.
P2B users can buy your token on the crypto IDO launchpad without registration on the external exchange and KYC or other types of identity verification. To get your crypto, a user can apply for Whitelist IDO, attach their wallet and buy some tokens. There’s an option for the project to launch IDO without whitelisting.

Boost your project with Launchpad

Comparing IEO and IDO Services by P2B



Service pack

3-day launch
Duration on exchange
Up to 3 rounds
Up to 3 rounds
Pre-launch project analysis
Smart contract evaluation
AML/KYC check
Marketing budget
Listing after token sale

Best fit for

Works perfectly for small projects
Works better when combined with IDO
Absolute must for medium and enterprise projects

General information

Require an exchange account
No, anyone can participate
Attractive for DEX wallet owners
Can be launched simultaneously



Fundraise Roadmap on P2B Exchange

Your request
Consultation with a BD expert
Growth plan creation
Promo* and fundraise stage
Listing and business action plan
* Additional services such as marketing, PR and market making are recommended for attracting new users.

Сryptocurrency sale with P2B has six stages:

1. Internal promo to all P2B users

We make a chain of announcements via our official channels on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and the exchange’s blog. It’s 300K+ active followers in total. Also, all verified P2B users receive a custom email campaign about the project and the start of its IEO session.

2. Promo for the external crypto community

Additionally, our team can start a massive promotion campaign for the external crypto community, attracting subscribers on Telegram and Twitter, and promoting your crypto via external online media and influencers.

3. AMA session

“Ask-Me-Anything” event with your project's team in the official P2B Telegram group, where potential investors from our community will learn more about the project and decide on investing through IEO.

4. The IEO Launchpad

We finally do a launchpad session to get more community engagement at this stage. Investors support the token or cryptocurrency, increasing its popularity and price.

5. Listing

Here, we finally do a listing for your cryptocurrency token or coin. Like with Binance listing or any other platform, your project will be once again promoted to the audience and integrated into the P2B exchange.

6. Liquidity support and optimization

This essential service ensures sustainable liquidity and token price after the IEO stage. It is mandatory for successful project development on trades.

Apply IEO Launchpad on P2B

Starting token sales with your cryptocurrency is easy on P2B. We have a thoroughly developed IEO launching process that ensures the success of the token sale and stable growth afterward.

How to multiply the achievements after IEO?

P2B offers you multiple solutions to reinforce all the accomplishments your project receives during its IEO or IDO crypto events. You can simply go for a listing or try some advanced strategies in addition—we’ll deliver test results even there.

Advanced services to enforce your start:


Use trading strategy support services to uplift your crypto business to a new level. Choose basic market-making options or advanced trading strategy support with promotion on P2B and other exchanges.

Crypto Marketing

Take advantage of applying crypto marketing services that really work. We offer social media management, PR promotion in various crypto media, Influencer marketing, and a lively community of crypto enthusiasts and practitioners.

Crypto Ratings

Increase the popularity of your project with Coinmarketcap and Coingecko resources. Reach top positions in the trusted worldwide crypto rankings and get more potential investors and brand advocates.

Market Expansion

Declare your crypto project on established cryptocurrency exchanges and successfully expand its crypto community. Use this comprehensive strategy that is much more resultative than just new coin listings!

Cost Optimization

The P2B cross-functional team saves your budget—instead of making big separate budgets for marketing, fundraising, listing, and trading strategy support, you get all-in-one for less money.

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