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Gamification is increasingly entering various spheres of human everyday life. Nowadays, game mechanics have ceased to be just entertainment; such means are actively used in educational and work segments. And more recently, they have also entered the world of cryptocurrencies. Pyro token is a bright representative of such altcoins. In this article, P2PB2B experts will talk about it in detail.

Profile Pyro

Pyroworld is a lottery-type gaming cryptocurrency that provides a holder with several varieties of passive income through P2E and NFT.

The project was originally designed for total monetization: buying goods in the real world for Pyro tokens, using sales revenue to buy back and burn tokens, distributing part of the system's income among all users, a lottery. The latter deserves particular attention since it multiplies the utility of the token for the holder from the very beginning of its receipt. Draws are held on a regular basis, twice a week (NFT and BNB draws). To participate, it is enough to have on your account or buy 250,000 Pyro; there are no other conditions.

Developers have done great marketing work, believing that the mass participation of loyal users needs to be monetized.

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The maximum degree of decentralization. All transactions are conducted exclusively between users.
Absolute security is provided by the Lyra2Z algorithm, PoW, and Masternode system.
Unique project
A unique project concept. Stunning stylization, the presence of their own comics, merchandise and lotteries distinguish the project from similar ones.
An own crowdfunding platform serves as an ideal solution for attracting investors
Reliable insurance
Reliable insurance. The team will hold BNB for 3-4 days after launch, which guarantees stable payouts even in the case of force majeure
Pyroworld ecosystem
Fruitful development prospects. Independent experts and analysts predict a great future for the Pyroworld ecosystem

Project Roadmap and Tokenomics

At the first stage, the official website of the project was launched. This news was released on social networks. After that, the first NFTs were generated, a large-scale marketing campaign was launched, and the first lottery was held. In the near future, project developers plan to hold a number of charity events, release comics and their own merchandise, as well as be listed on the stock exchange.

Pyroworld charges a 2% fee on all in-system purchases and an 8% fee on sales. 1% of these funds is distributed among token holders, 3% is automatically blocked to form a PYRO/BNB liquidity pool. Another 4% goes to the development and promotion of the project (development and marketing). 1% is donated to charity and the lottery fund, and 2% is transferred to the buyback account. Tokenomics is relevant at the current stage of project development; in the future, the tax burden will be optimized in favor of its holders.


Features and Perspectives

Pyro is built on a modified blockchain (Lyra2Z algorithm + PoW + Masternode system), which makes the network truly decentralized. The cryptocurrency is open-source; Dark Gravity Wave is used to recalculate the complexity. The anonymity of transactions is guaranteed by PrivateSend and Masternodes, which also ensure the integrity and stability of the network.

In total, 12,000,000 tokens will be put into circulation. The block reward is 8 Pyro; this figure decreases by 16% annually. The presence of its own lottery, a crowdfunding platform, as well as thoughtful marketing and competent gamification, guarantee the systematic development of the system and a stable influx of investments and new users. As a result, this will ensure the increase in token quotes on the exchange, according to the plans described in the project Whitepaper.

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