Untouchable user funds at P2B: Rule that never breaks

All your assets belongs to only youbanner

P2B is the most secure “place-2-be” for your assets

No matter what happens in the crypto market, P2B Exchange keeps users’ funds untouchable.

Our company benefits from providing services for our users and project owners, not from managing the users’ assets. You rule your wallet, and we have no rights to manage it.

We do not plan to change that critical rule. Thus, P2B exchange stays the most secure place for users because of our design, guarantees, and principles:


Design of the business model

Our business model excludes any possibility of accessing, reinvesting, or manipulating the users' funds — we always keep your assets at your disposal.

100% availability of funds

Our exchange guarantees the availability of deposited assets for the users. Anytime you need them, you may withdraw any sum from your wallet.

Security of your assets

P2B Exchange cares of possible risks for your funds, providing you with the freedom to trade and invest in any project in a secure environment. Yet, we cannot command the force-majeure circumstances.

What it means for you as an exchange user

  • Your funds are untouchable for the exchange assets’ management because of the business model.

  • All funds are available 100% of the time, and only you can decide when and how to use your assets.

  • Our support can consult you regarding any issues that trouble you regarding assets on your account.

What does it mean for you as a crypto project owner?

  • Our traders are in charge of their funds and can freely operate with owned tokens and coins.

  • The big shake of the market doesn’t touch us much, as we’re much more transparent and democratic than big exchanges.

  • Your project will be listed with proper care for the liquidity and market readiness to invest. Even during the crisis of the global crypto market.

If you have any additional questions, we’ll be glad to answer them. Contact us: