XWIN Finance

XWIN Finance is a decentralized platform developed on the basis of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain for wise fund management. Its major purpose is to provide a trader or a financial expert an opportunity to easily create their own fund. All you need to do this is to have some investment management and trading skills. Then users of this platform can subscribe to funds they like and earn profits in this way.

The role of Binance Smart Chain

The development team of XWIN was aimed at creating a universal decentralized protocol to make profiting from DeFi tools possible even for total beginners. The project has contributed a lot to the popularization of investing in cryptocurrency. Keep reading to find out more details about XWIN Finance and its token that you can buy on a crypto exchange right away.

BSC is not only cheaper, but also faster core for cryptocurrency projects. This smart contract allows to reduce investment costs, and at the same time to increase transaction speed.

Binance Smart Chain works in conjunction with Binance Chain. The BSC functionality is focused on smart contracts and is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine. BSC is a completely independent blockchain that can work even if the Binance Chain is disconnected.

Binance Smart Chain supports many Ethereum instruments and decentralized applications (DApps). Developers working on the Ethereum blockchain can port their projects to BSC. All these features provide great opportunities for crypto projects.

XWIN Finance

XWIN eco system

XWIN provides great opportunities for the diversification of an investor's portfolio. This is a DeFi investment management tool on Binance Smart Chain
Professional traders
The company makes it possible for financial experts or professional traders to create their own fund.
The project features trading vaults
The project features trading vaults. A user can accept some assistance from experts on various trading strategies to earn more.
XWIN is focused on making farming investment easier than ever. BNB is added into PCS liquidity and farming pool with auto compound utility.
XWIN currency holders
XWIN currency holders can swap XWIN, trade the crypto on DEX as well as provide liquidity to Pancakeswap LP.
The crypto uses the Band Protocol that is a cross-chain oracle data network integrating and linking real data and APIs to smart contracts.

How XWIN eco-system works

The XWIN platform provides several index funds to give DeFi investors better terms for the diversification of portfolios. They are the following:

  • XWINXFI Index;
  • XWIN DEFI Index;
  • XWIN NFT Index;
  • JPI (Japan Crypto Index).

The development team is going to launch additional BSC-based indexes to make the investment as easy as it has never been before.

You don't need to worry about your earnings, because a yield optimizer vault is provided for. This feature makes farming and staking in Pancake Swap an easy thing. It is enough for an investor to deposit BNB for the vault to convert it automatically to LP token and stake to farm. Then, the returns brought by farming will be automatically compounded every day and reinvested in the pool.

XWIN eco-system

This algorithm was introduced to maximize APY % and increase investors' earnings. For example, instead of CAKE-BNB farming APR of 85.23 % a user receives 133.89 %.

Also, XWIN trading vault is provided too. It works pretty much in the same way as to index vault, but it features a higher trading frequency and advanced controllability. Besides, the allocation between several assets will be reset based on the current trend. Note that an investor may control the vault manually or just rely on automated algorithms. Currently, XWIN Finance doesn't have its own trading vault, but the company collaborates with some social traders providing their vaults.

Meet the XWIN Finance team

The development team unites three skilled and talented persons who stand behind the XWIN DeFi eco-system:

  1. Calvin Thong is the founder of the project with the experience gained as an ex-portfolio manager in ETF and index funds at BlackRock. He graduated from Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) and has a Master's degree in the field of Applied Finance.
  2. Fumihito Arasawa, the co-founder of the company. He is an expert in the sphere of business consulting. Fumihito has a rich experience since he used to occupy the leading position at a Japanese consulting company and did a lot for its globalization due to the right strategy.
  3. A UX-designer known as Yuki with a significant professional background at an advertising agency.

A brief history of XWIN Finance

First of all, it should be noted that the project has been developing rather quickly due to teamwork and a detailed roadmap. In this section, we would like to mention the most significant milestones.

In February 2021, several important events took place: the protocol, xWin Sector Index Vaults and XWin Liquidity Pool V1 Vaults were released. Also, the XWIN governance token was launched and XWIN-BNB Token Pair was listed on Pancakeswap. Approximately a month later, XWIN Farm Pool and Trading Vaults saw the release.

From April to June 2021, new vaults, indexes and optimizers were added. At the end of this period, an updated website was launched and XWIN was listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

At the end of summer 2021, XWIN LP Token and XWIN token buy and sell platform was ready. Besides, the community received an opportunity to get the initial offering from other BSC projects. The company continues growing and opening up new markets.

XWIN token

XWIN is the XWIN Finance's token of the BEP-20 standard. The maximum supply of this digital currency is 100,000,000 XWIN, but 61,000,000 are in circulation.

XWIN token

The distribution of coins in the network takes place in the following way: 60 % are minted to XWIN protocol and given to the community for the reward and farming system, 20 % go to development purposes (these tokens are reserved for actual and all future employees who will contribute to the development of XWIN), 10 % of tokens are intended for providing grants for vaults trading research, campaigns, marketing department and so on, and the remaining 10 % is the part of XWIN initial funding to fill the liquidity pool.

To earn XWIN token, there are some additional options. For example, the project has experts who can manage your assets to bring you more rewards as long as you are subscribed to an XWIN fund you choose.

You can also buy XWIN tokens if you would like to invest in this project in some other way. XWIN is traded in pairs with WBNB, BTC, USDT on such cryptocurrency exchanges as Pancake Swap and P2B where you can get it using your wallet, a bank card or any other available payment method.

The future of XWIN

One of the most hot-button questions is the following: Does the XWIN Finance project have a future? It is an essential issue especially for all those who prefer long-term investment strategies.

There is a theoretical calculation concerning the rate of XWIN until 2026 performed by PricePrediction.net. According to the information on this website, the XWIN price is expected to reach $26.51 at the end of 2026.

In terms of price, XWIN Finance has outstanding potential to set new records. The value of XWIN is predicted to grow, that is why you should pay particular attention to this project. According to some crypto experts and business analysts, XWIN Finance could reach the highest price of $ 115.09 by 2030.

The figures are based on the history of XWIN price change. Please keep in mind that the calculation is only theoretical. It is provided for referential purposes only and cannot be considered as the exact prediction. Any investment carries a certain risk, you should always take it into account.