IRENA green energy

Meet IRENA crypto, a green energy token. The mission of the company is not only to popularize using nature-friendly power resources globally, but also to help the owners of electric vehices to benefit from entering the green era. Renewable energy, solar panels, electric cars, etc. are a fast-approaching future, there are no reasons to question this trend. The IRENA team has decided to make this transition smooth and bring you some bonuses.

IRENA - software for electric cars

The company has been developing IGE software for electric cars. You can become a part of this project and earn its crypto coin in a very unusual way. It is enough to have an electric car. Also, in collaboration with MinFect, the team has created a mining device called IR-APOLLON. For every distance traveled a user will get a reward in IRENA cryptocurrency. It should also be mentioned that the mining device can be integrated with a solar panel. Thus, you will be able to mine IRENA at zero cost.

IRENA green energy

About IRENA token

IRENA is a project providing not only virtual services. The company has developed software and a mining device that can be easily integrated into the day-to-day routine to restore the environment
Renewable energy resources
The company offers an innovative finished product that fully corresponds to the global trend of using renewable energy resources
Team of the project
The team of the project pays much attention to the promotion. The crypto industry knows many examples of good projects that failed to become popular due to poor marketing campaigns. It seems that IRENA can avoid this common mistake
The company is supported by well-known partners including BitExchanGe, ICO Agency, BTRC.IO, BIT CO INFO, etc
Price of IRENA
The price of IRENA token is expected to grow as a result of the high-profile marketing campaigns on social platforms, the big idea of the project, and coin burns
Mission IRENA
To benefit from the company's mission, you don't even need to have an electric vehicle. You can just purchase IRENA on the P2B cryptocurrency exchange

IRENA crypto roadmap

The plan of implementing IRENA is divided into four stages:

  1. After hiring a competent team and planning the strategy, the company managed a lot of things: creating official accounts on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc., the first CEX listing, BSCScan confirmation, and so on.
  2. The second stage starts with the listing of IRENA token on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap. Then it is the turn of the first audit, wallet logo updates, and starting the marketing campaign on all social media.
  3. First collaboration with companies sharing the same idea of global utilizing renewable energy resources, uploading the IRENA Green App to application catalogs, involving a professional marketing agency for making the campaign more efficient, making the IR-APOLLON mining device available for sale.
  4. The most important milestone is releasing IGE software for electric vehicles. By this time, the total number of IRENA holders is expected to reach 100,000 people.

At the end of each phase, a planned part of IRENA Coins is to be burned.IRENA token

About IRENA token

The idea of this project is extremely simple: to motivate people all over the world to use electric vehicles and solar panels in their everyday lives. Currently, residents of most countries do not have enough confidence about this. They usually prefer gasoline engine vehicles, since they seem to be more versatile. The IRENA development team has found a solution to show that using electric cars can be even more profitable: each mile traveled by an electric car is rewarded in cryptocurrency.

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