Mono NFT

P2B is an exchange that is optimally suited for trading cryptocurrencies on the international market. The company appeared relatively recently, but for several years of its work, it has reached unprecedented heights in its field and has already taken a leading position in the rating. But some users still doubt that digital money really brings income. The digital economy is based on transactions with cryptocurrencies, their sale, and purchase.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges and their main users

The cryptocurrency market is a specific exchange office where you can buy one cryptocurrency, for example, buy Mono and sell another. Traders earn money by changing the rates of cryptocurrencies: they buy for one cost and sell at a higher price. In addition to them, both investors and holders of coins look at crypto  platforms. For example, it is unprofitable to store coins that are not in demand. Unpopular cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for more reliable and stable ones. You can do this on a cryptocurrency exchange. For the operations carried out, the Internet resource charges a commission, which is debited during the transaction. To exchange cryptocurrencies, it is enough to be an authorized user of the service.

Mono NFT

BSC blockchain

CEX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, it is managed by one organization. She is also an intermediary between the two parties when conducting transactions. You can make transactions with Fiat
DEX Liquidity
DEX Liquidity - created using blockchain technology and has no intermediary. People-to-people trade is carried out using smart contracts
MONO Cryptocurrency is a BEP-20 Token developed by professional teams at MonoMoney Pty Ltd based in Australia
NFT Market Place
It can be traded on different platforms or might be used to purchase NFT from Mono NFT Market Place in the future
Blockchain Powered
BSC powers MONO, all the Transactions on different platforms are irreversible and nobody can get your tokens away from you
Multi Wallet Support
MONO Can be used on any wallet which supports Smart Chain or even Ethereum

Trading on the crypto exchange

The P2B website is made of high quality, looks attractive, and generally creates a pleasant impression. The multilingual interface allows us to judge that the platform is focused on the Binance Smart Chain and blockchain Systems to have high throughput and reliability. The exchange tries to provide users with comfortable, reliable, and favorable terms of cooperation. Numerous currency pairs are available for traders. For the convenience of traders, the page is divided into several blocks. Among them:

  1. A list of pairs and possible filtering options.
  2. Price change schedule.
  3. History of operations.
  4. Form for the purchase and sale of currencies.

Mono NFT


The NFT marketplace is a promising direction in the digital economy. It is not difficult to start working with Monomoney, it is enough to buy or sell them on special sites, exchange or create. In a special section of the site, customers can find sales of coins and tokens. However, the currency must meet the established requirements.

Why should I choose P2B?

MONO price

The P2B exchange was created specifically for transactions between users of the system. Here you can buy or sell Mono at a price that suits you. The interface is extremely simple, it will be understandable to both a beginner and an experienced user. The exchange of cryptocurrencies is conducted between the holders of the crypt, bypassing intermediaries. Money is transferred using special software. You can start working on the exchange immediately after registering and passing KYC verification.

There will be no difficulties when logging into your personal account and working with it. Identity verification is mandatory, you need to fill out a questionnaire and confirm this information with appropriate documents. The platform offers its clients secure transactions.

Among the advantages of the exchange are security, large trading volume, availability of fiat, prompt execution of orders, technical support at any time of the day or night, the ability to deposit and withdraw funds using payment systems, low commissions, loyalty program. There is no charge for replenishing the balance.

Active traders regularly receive bonuses. Specifically for additional earnings, a team of professionals has developed an affiliate program. You can get a nice bonus for attracting new customers. Make your Balance Smart Choice or BSC.