In the modern world, there are a large numbier of opportunities to earn easy money — suffice it to glance at sports betting, casinos, or investing in cryptocurrencies. Everyone knows that these actvities can be ultra-profitable, but few people have thought of combining them for maximum benefit. At least, before the advent of ZenSports. From this article, you will learn in detail about a quite new but very promising altcoin. As always, P2B experts will tell you all the most useful information.

Profile ZenSports

Sports betting, casinos, and cryptocurrencies are a heady brew that can bring in a lot of money. Perhaps the creators of the ZenSports sports betting app reasoned precisely in that manner. Its key feature lies in the fact that besides traditional fiat currencies, the in-app bets can be made with crypto coins, in particular, with the project's own tokens known as ZenSports or SPORTS.

ZenSports tokens give the app's users several advantages: no fee, referral bonuses, priorities for money withdrawal, and the absence of conventional limits. These reasons alone are more than enough to buy SPORTS, but this is not the whole story — analysts are confident that the SPORTS token value will grow steadily, as evidenced by the results of technical and fundamental analysis.


The Features of ZenSports

Complete decentralization
Betting and keeping tokens are accomplished directly, without the involvement of third parties
All the transactions between users and the app make use of smart contracts based on the ICON blockchain
Ease of use
The use of the application and making payments do not require special knowledge and skills
The team of professionals
The project was created and is being developed by the experts in the field of programming, marketing, economics, and crypto technology
High transaction speed
The money is added to the balance within seconds after a transfer
The loyalty program
ZenSport users can benefit from bonuses, cashback, and referral rewards

ICON blockchain

All interactions between users and the ZenSports app are carried out through smart contracts based on the ICON blockchain. The funds earned and the tokens purchased are transferred to a wallet of this system. ICON wallet owners have thus got a simpler, more reliable, and more profitable way of betting and online earning at their disposal.

ZenSports app

A Little Background

Peer-to-peer sports betting on the ZenSports network has been accepted since the fall of 2018. It should be understood that these are the transactions that bypass the bookmaker; that is, users can bet not only against the company but also against each other. This means that the developers have created the world's first fully decentralized platform for creating and managing bets. And everyone can take advantage of it.

The project received an official gaming license at the end of the summer of 2021. This happened in Nevada, USA. Thanks to this, in the ZenSports application, one can now not only bet on sports events but also gamble, getting real money if one is lucky enough.

ZenSports on P2B: All Kinds of Transactions on the Most Favorable Terms

ZenSports on P2B

Would like to buy, sell, or exchange SPORTS on favorable terms and without fear of being frauded? Then P2B is exactly the exchange that you need — a more suitable platform is unlikely to be found. P2B has been officially recognized by CER as one of the 12 world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, but this is not the only advantage of the platform. Below are some more arguments for buying SPORTS there:

  • the most beneficial conditions for all kinds of transactions with ZenSports;
  • more than 200 of the most liquid cryptocurrencies available for exchange and purchase;
  • 95% of tokens are stored in cold wallets, which guarantees the security of transactions;
  • works 24/7;
  • round-the-clock solution of technical issues;
  • the loyalty programs that allow one to earn money without investing one's funds.

The P2B referral program indeed deserves attention. It has been smoothly functioning since 2018. To participate in it, it is enough to attract new users. This can be done by advertising the service to friends and acquaintances, sending invitations by mail and on social networks, and sharing links to the business card website. Each referrer receives up to 15% from the total turnover of the attracted referrals as cashback. Just imagine that with every 1,000 USD your referral sells or buys, you will receive up to 150 USD! And given that the number of referrals is unlimited, there is something to try for, isn't there? The reward is paid monthly, in the currency of the referrals' transactions. So, it is evident that interacting with P2B is not only comfortable and safe but really profitable.