Trading Competition on P2B

Now you can win rewards just by trading your favorite projects' tokens/ coins

4 easy steps to hit the jackpot
01 step
Pass KYC
to enable depositing
02 step
Start trading
with the asset
03 step
Gather trade volumes
to beat your competitors
04 step
Become the winner
and get your money!

Please follow these simple rules

  • 1.
    Every trading competition is open to all registered P2B users. However, you will need to pass KYC beforehand to enable depositing.
  • 2.
    We want to make all trading competitions fair and transparent for everyone. That is why we reserve the right to disqualify wash trades.
  • 3.
    Users under non-fee accounts are also not allowed to participate.
  • 4.
    You can check your current trade volume and ranking on the page of the competition you are taking part in. Remember that the amount of trade volume will determine the winners.