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Crypto earning staking | Flexible earning | Earning pool | Earn passive income in USDT, BUSD, DOGE, BTC, ETH on cryptocurrency exchange P2B.

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About Earning on P2B


Deposit and hold tokens / coins of your favorite crypto assets and earn a decent income. Choose between 3 options - Earning Pool, Flexible Earning, Locked Earning.

Be Safe

Users with verified accounts only may participate in Earning Program. P2B guarantees the safety of your funds during a specified period of Earning - the currency pool covers all possible expenses and rewards for each participant.

Maximum Profit

Try to be an investor for a selected period of time. Participate in Earning Pool or Locked Earning to get the highest incentive.


Become a part of the project’s Community holding its tokens/ coins in Earning Pool. Make your effort in the growth of the most promising project and get additional income via the most popular assets.


Deposit and hold tokens / coins of the project and get rewards in its tokens. Project-initiator guarantees rewards payment for each participant.
Deposit and hold popular crypto assets (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc) and get your profit daily. You may withdraw funds anytime.
Deposit and hold popular crypto assets (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc) and get your profit at the end of the earning period. Available programs with 7, 14, 30, 90 days terms. You may gain the highest interest via this program.
You may use your funds anytime participating in Flexible Earning. During Locked Earning and Earning Pool your funds are locked and you will get them at the end of earning period.
The funds will be transferred to your earning account so you may check statements there.
On the final date, your funds with the interest will be available on earning account. Since then you may transfer funds to your account’s main balance.
Your earning account will be credited daily. At the end of earning period funds will be available to transfer to your account’s main balance.
Yes, the interest rate is guaranteed by P2B.
Deposit selected asset and gain double profit. Additional currency is credited to your main account daily. Deposit currency interest is payed at the end of earning session.