SKC coin

Slightly more than 1,300,000 people permanently live in Estonia, the size of this country is not very impressive, and this state cannot boast any serious achievements on the world stage. However, there is a direction in which Estonians are ahead of most other countries, including superpowers. We have in mind the development of peer-to-peer technologies and the popularization of cryptocurrencies. In many respects, this is the merit of Skeinetwork LLC, which initiated the development of blockchain technologies in Estonia. Now it is a transnational platform with a native token — SKC. As part of the review of the most promising cryptocurrencies, P2B experts will consider it in more detail.

Profile SKC

Skeinetwork LLC has been successfully developing in the blockchain industry since 2018. For three years of fruitful work, the company has reached the international level by building partnerships with the leading industry players. Skeincoin (SKC) is Skeinetwork LLC's native token, considered one of the most promising in the industry by independent analysts.

Skeincoin is based on the two-factor authentication protocol that utilizes the Skein and SHA256 algorithms. Such leading developers as Jesse Walker, Niels Ferguson, Stefan Lucks, Bruce Schneier, etc., have worked on the creation of the crypto-hash algorithm. The mining of the SKC coin can be accomplished using ASIC, CPU, GPU, FPGA.

SKC coin

The Features of Skeincoin

Security level
The highest security level. It is ensured by a two-factor authentication protocol and extra degrees of protection
Potential SKC
An impressive growth potential. SKC is already available on some major exchanges, and the developers have already announced a listing on the remaining ones, so the tokens promise to shoot up soon
POW system
No counterparty risks. They are minimized by utilizing a POW system
A solid capitalization. Today it exceeds 1,467,186.56 USD and continues to grow. 13,668,154 SKC are in circulation out of 17,000,000 total.
Anonymity. All transactions are made anonymously, and users do not need to prove their identity with documents
Complete decentralization. Users conduct transactions and control their funds by themselves


SKC was created by a team of classy experts who are well-versed in blockchain technologies. Specialists of the company mastered modern crypto technique used throughout the world to develop a unique token. Skeinetwork LLC specializes in the development and support of crypto projects (both technical and legal), licensing of financial and broker activities, crypto consulting, and creation of blockchain solutions with the possibility of mining. It remains only to decide on where to buy SKC.

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Skeincoin (SKC)