WIMCOIN is a decentralized protocol and crypto token originated from Jakarta, Indonesia. WIM is the official token symbol of Winmar Coin that you can see on major cryptocurrency exchanges. This digital currency has a strong potential to become a considerable unit in the crypto world. Thus, it is the right time for paying attention to this token, especially if you are just going to start investing.

Tokenomics WIM

WIMCOIN tokenomics info

  • Total supply: 999,999,999 WIM
  • For investors: 440,009,999 WIM
  • Public sale: 400,000,000 WIM
  • Token burn: 100,000,000 WIM
  • Marketing / community / ecosystem: 9,990,000 WIM
  • Team: 50,000,000 WIM

WIMCOIN security

Investment tool
WIM has been created to become a real payment and investment tool. This is the first crypto project developed for the gas and oil trading industry
BSC blockchain
The system is based on the BSC blockchain, that is why WIM transactions are quick and transparent. Besides, the team of this project has a mission to popularize blockchain and provide people all over the globe with a simple and secure payment tool as an alternative to traditional assets
Winmar is a legal
Winmar is a legal and officially registered company supervised by KOMINFO and BAPPEBTI. Another large and trusted organization, namely CERTIK, provides the project with audit services.
Popular platforms
Although the company is rather young, WIMCOIN is already listed on the most popular platforms like PancakeSwap, P2B, etc. The list of exchanges is going to become longer over time
The Winmar company has revealed plans to release its own e-wallet. Some additional features, like staking and NFT, will be also released soon
WIMCOIN can be considered an investment tool. The token price is expected to grow soon after passing the most important stages of the roadmap


Security of digital assets and users personal data is the top priority of the company. The WIMCOIN team closely cooperates with CERTIK, the leading audit agency in the crypto industry. That is why total privacy and data security are guaranteed.

WIMCOIN cryptocurrency

Winmar uses smart contracts that is an agreement between two parties represented in the code form and cannot be deleted from the public database or changed somehow. Thus, records of all transactions processed by the blockchain can be easily found, but it is impossible to pull out some confidential information like names or locations of transaction parties.

It should be also noted that no third parties like brokers or banks can control financial operations and interfere in token transfers. The entire process is entirely controlled automatically by smart contracts and a transaction can be executed only if all the terms are met.

The aspect of security is not less important for those who are just going to buy WIMCOIN as an investment asset. Every data leakage strongly undermines the trust of people in a particular project and may cause a sudden price drop on the exchange. As for WIMCOIN, the development team keeps working on security in advance and involves independent audit experts to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

About WIMCOIN cryptocurrency

Winmar crypto was developed as an exchange medium for trading gas and oil. Although the use of renewable resources has become especially popular, we are still quite far from a full refusal of finite resources in the global sense. That is why buying and selling gas together with oil will be vital for most countries to survive.

According to the roadmap of the project, WIMCOIN is going to become a convenient payment unit for making online deals. In turn, holders of this token will get not only a trading tool, but also an investment asset with backed value. A lot has been done to achieve this goal, so let's look closer at the plans and results of the development team for you to decide whether there is a place for Winmar crypto in your investment portfolio.


WIMCOIN roadmap and results

The project was started not so long ago, but the WIMCOIN team has ambitious plans. The initial coin offering took place in the fourth quarter of year 2021. At that time, the project started cooperation with UMKM and launched an online platform. At the beginning of December 2021, WIMCOIN was listed on P2B and several more cryptocurrency exchanges, so now the token is available for trading.

The year 2022 is planned to begin with the first payments made with Winmar and fulfilling the major idea: to buy and sell oil / gas using this token. Also, for the first quarter of the 2022 Winmar wallet application is to be uploaded to Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, Metamask or Trust wallet are recommended by the token developers.

The following step is to launch Winmar crypto Exchange in the period from the middle till the end of 2022. The next milestone doesn't have a particular time limit, but the team is going to develop the Winmar blockchain.

To buy Winmar, you need just an account on the P2B exchange. Join our friendly crypto family now if you have not done this yet and enjoy trading!