Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Billions of dollars are spent annually on advertising on the Web, teams of the best specialists are involved in its creation, high-tech software and the most advanced technologies are used. But, despite all these components, advertisers are not always satisfied with the result, and the interaction of all participants of the chain (advertiser - publisher – user) still leaves much to be desired. And this happens due to the presence of expensive and not always competent intermediaries in the scheme. Blockchain has helped solve this problem and many others. In this article, P2B experts will tell you what Basic Attention Token is, what the future holds for the token, and what does the Brave browser have to do with it.

BAT Profile

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an altcoin developed on the basis of Ethereum, according to the ERC20 standard. It supports the Brave decentralized web advertising platform, in which it acts as the main and only currency. The platform works in the browser of the same name, developed on the basis of Chromium from Google, The Chromium Author's, and a number of other top web browsers. Brave's ad model is free from the influence of monopoly intermediaries such as Facebook and Google, which is beneficial for its effectiveness since the platform provides an increased return in comparison with the expenses spent on ads. An advertiser can pay for his/her ad campaign using BAT, publishers receive tokens for placing an ad, and users for viewing it.

Basically, Basic Attention Token is the first of its kind and the largest private advertising network, the size of which is constantly growing. The project is interesting for users promoting their products and services on the Web. The new browser provides a high degree of privacy for its activities on the Internet, which is another plus and a strong argument in favor of choosing to use Brave and BAT. Browser users have the opportunity to earn tokens by watching ads, and publishers get their percentage for placing them.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is an ERC-20 altcoin built on the Ethereum blockchain protected by the Proof-of-Work (POW) consensus algorithm. The peer-to-peer network is decentralized, which guarantees confidential and irreversible transactions
It is possible to use BAT to pay for goods and services on the Internet, browser games, and applications. The coin has good liquidity
Ease of use
Everyone can mine, store, and use the coin. Special knowledge, skills, and expensive equipment are not required
The number of users is growing dynamically; there can be only 1 billion coins out of 1.5 billion in circulation at the same time. The combination of these factors gives reason to hope for systematic growth
The ability to get coins without investment. To do this, one just needs to install the Brave Dex aggregator and view ads
Anyone can buy BAT, even without leverage. At the time of article publication, the coin was quoted at $0.705

A Bit of History

The BAT ecosystem was established in the summer of 2017. The ICO of the project (that is, the initial offer of tokens) was one of the fastest ones in the history of cryptocurrencies: according to various sources, the token from 35 to 36 million dollars was collected by developers in record time; it took only a minute. The result reflects not only a filigree work of marketers; professional analysts have predicted a great future for the project from the very beginning, and it seems that users share their confidence.

Basic Attention Token

The next significant stage in the history of the project's development came simultaneously with the introduction of the loyalty program. In mid-summer 2018, developers began issuing BAT rewards for downloading the Brave browser. Thus, more than 1,000,000 users from 187 countries around the world were attracted. Nowadays, the geography of the project's presence covers all developed and most developing countries, with the number of Brave wallet users having exceeded 5,500,000 people. Among the counterparties, there are many large world-renowned companies, online services, and global crypto projects.

Basic Attention Token: Numbers and Facts

Maximum token emission (final)

1,5 bln of tokens

Market capitalization

$1,2 bln

Number of circulating coins on the market

1,49 bln

Geography of presence

187 countries

Minimum coin price for the entire period (summer, 2017)


Maximum coin rate for the entire period (spring, 2021)


Supposed targets for growth in quotes


Rating on Crypto.ru


Rating on CoinMarketCap


Where is it Better to Buy and Exchange BAT?

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  • integration of DeFi and other tools;
  • competent technical support service works 24/7.

Buy and Exchange BAT

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Now, you know what Basic Attention Token is, why the coin is so promising, and where it is better to buy it. Take action!