What is Serum (SRM)?

If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you might be planning to buy Serum. It would be a reasonable and forward-thinking investment that should pay off nicely. The token was issued by the blockchain of the same name: based on Solana, it belongs to the quickly evolving DeFi ecosystem. Since the coin is backed up by a prospective project, it has significant growth potential.

Where to buy SRM

You can buy Serum SRM either from a decentralized or centralized exchange. The former usually boast of comprehensible interfaces and might allow experienced traders to make a quick profit. But they often lack safety guarantees and sometimes don't even feature customers' support. The latter might have a more complicated structure, so newbies will have to spend some time figuring out how the system works. But such platforms normally have a support service plus invest considerable effort in their client’s safety. Those that require a KYC procedure should be regarded as especially responsible and reliable.

What is Serum (SRM)?

6 reasons to obtain crypto SRM at P2B

It has a sleek design and an intuitive interface.
Reputable and safe
Its reputation has been impeccable so far. Over 95% of tokens are stored in cold wallets and thus reliably protected from hackers Its community counts over 300,000 users from all over the world. All these people would confirm that the project is remarkably client-oriented and fully complies with the latest technological standards.
This site processes up to 10,000 trades every second and 1 mln TCP connections.
Buy with card
You can purchase cryptocurrency with your regular Visa or MasterCard card.
Available on trades
Serum full price is always kept at a competitive level.
Users Support
It offers highly professional 24/7 multilingual customer's support.

Why buy Serum?

The coin is backed up by a prospective project, it has significant growth potential. And it's a reasonable and forward-thinking investment that should pay off nicely.

Buy Serum (SRM)

Purchase algorithm at P2B

Acquiring crypto Serum here is genuinely simple — you just need to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up to the system, pass the verification procedure and log in
  2. Push the green Deposit button in the top right corner of the page
  3. Select the necessary coin in the list either manually or through the Search bar
  4. Push Deposit in the Action column to the right
  5. Copy the address of the wallet and send funds there. Alternatively, select the Credit Card option.

To register, introduce your email and password to the fill-in form. The form asks newcomers to indicate whether they are US citizens or not. Plus, you will be required to confirm your agreement with the rules of the platform. After you push the Sign Up button, the system sends a confirmation link to your email. Please follow the received link to enter your account.

The site goes to great lengths to guarantee maximum security to its audience. Therefore, you need to verify your personality by providing the administration with your passport photo (bio-data page). Instead of the passport, you can use your driver's license or ID (please take pictures of both sides). Then, take a picture of yourself together with the document that you have submitted. Last, make a selfie with a sheet of paper with "P2B.COM" written on it and the current date.

To enhance the security level, the administration recommends users to enable two-factor authentication. This means that in addition to the password, you will be required to insert an automatically generated 6-digit authentication code when logging in to your account.

Hopefully, these instructions come in handy and you enjoy your trading experience! If you decide to invite your friends here, feel free to resort to the referral program and receive rewards.