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When it comes to cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the first thing that springs to people's minds. This is quite natural, as it is with it that the history of decentralized peer-to-peer payment systems' development began, and it is this coin that has the largest capitalization and the highest value in dollar terms today. However, the popularity of the pioneer token led to several difficulties in its usage — in particular, technical ones, which forced the developers to look for an alternative. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has become one of the most successful, albeit quite controversial, projects in this context. From this article written by P2PB2B experts, you will learn all the most interesting and useful things about Bitcoin Cash — the most promising offshoot of the iconic token. But first things first.

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BCH Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that appeared after the separation of the basic blockchain. Simply put, it is bitcoin adapted to the current situation, which mining and transaction algorithm has undergone several technical changes. In particular, the code of the new token has a more substantial information block and a modified digital signature. Now it is a stable and constantly developing electronic payment system that allows one to make secure transactions quickly (up to 100 transactions per second), reliably (the amount in each transaction can be confirmed by a separate digital signature), and with a minimum fee (ca 0.000013 BCH). It is among the top 5 blockchain projects with the highest capitalization level. The protocol includes 21,000,000 tokens and is updated twice a year, in November and in May.

BCH bitcoin cash


Best exchange conditions
Favorable coin purchase and exchange conditions, including for BCH
Complete security of all transaction types — more than 95% of the cryptocurrency volume is stored in cold wallets.
Availability of cryptocurrencies
A wide range of available cryptocurrencies — more than 200 coins are available to users
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface — interaction with the service does not require special knowledge and skills and is accomplished in a couple of clicks;a competent technical support service that works 24/7
Referral program
Truly attractive referral program provides you with the opportunity to significantly increase your income without direct investment
Difficulty adjustment algorithm
Both Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash, use a proof-of-work algorithm to timestamp every new block

Bitcoin was released in January 2009

BCH developed quite successfully for 8 years, but the massive influx of users in 2017 caused a series of overloads and, as a result, a significant drop in the transaction rate, which called for the developers' intervention. They made amendments to the data storage structure, changed the transaction check algorithm, and introduced new SegWit addresses. This partially solved the issue, but not everyone was satisfied. Amaury Sechet, a Bitcoin team member, has chosen to move in a different direction and, together with a team of like-minded people, initiated the network's hard fork on the 478558 block, thereby creating a new digital currency. It was called Bitcoin Cash.


Without delving into technical details, the answer is: by the total capacity of mining pools. The generation of new blocks and confirmation of transactions are carried out by miners themselves, who ensure the system's development and guaranteeing the network's decentralization. A simple axiom is true in this regard: the more users there are in the system, the higher its security and decentralization are, and the more evenly the mining income is distributed.

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The Reasons for the Split

The efficiency of any decentralized blockchain project directly depends on miners, programmers, and investors who buy tokens for profit. BTC is no exception in this regard. The immutability of the blockchain is one of its salient features, as well as an advantage. However, when technical difficulties occur, the immutability of the chain turns into a serious drawback, which elimination requires drastic measures. Given all this, the division of the blockchain into independent branches is one of the simplest and most effective solutions. If the developers wish, a fork is released — a new virtual currency created based on the same code. In the case of the BCH fork, the information block's volume was increased, and a new digital signature algorithm was introduced.

The Key Differences From the Basic Coin







47.000 USD

670 USD

Transaction rate

3 per sec

100 per sec

Block size

2 MB

8 MB (currently 32 MB)

Mining difficulty adjustmentevery

2016 blocksevery

6 blocks

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Repay attack prevention



Enhanced protection against erasure and repetition



Enhanced protection against erasure and repetition




In the usual sense, issuance is an emission of new banknotes. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this term means the generation of new tokens. In the case of BHC, there can be 21,000,000 of them and no more. Approximately 70.5% of them (15,000,000) were generated immediately, as the fork completely copies the source chain up to the point of the split. Miners receive 12.5 BCH from each signed block. The estimates show that Bitcoin Cash mining will come to an end in about 15 years, but even after that, token holders will be able to earn on the transaction fees. A twofold reduction in the remuneration amount occurs every 4 years.

Development Prospects

Judging by the value dynamics and the volatility, it is highly likely that BCH will develop more slowly than BTC. At the same time, it can be safely assumed that the coin has a bright future. This is supported not only by eminent analysts — the number of users who advocate a boycott of bitcoin and the use of its fork is growing every day. The alternative coin already attracts a major part of all the digital market's investments, and there is every reason to believe that this trend will increase in the foreseeable future and become stable. BCH is more technically advanced and adapted to modern realities. It can serve as a daily payment system with a low fee. It is increasingly being considered as a tool for high-yield investment with a moderate risk level. There is quite a deep correction in the market now, at the end of which the instrument's value will inevitably grow. Given all this, today is the best time to buy BCH — the coins that will soon bring a good profit. Those who would like to diversify risks and protect their cryptocurrency portfolio from significant price swings should also seriously consider Bitcoin Cash as a risk-hedging tool.


Where to Purchase and Exchange Bitcoin Cash

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