The history of altcoin development is already long enough. During this time, thousands of tokens have emerged, and many of them have every chance to repeat the success of bitcoin, which is rightfully considered the father of all cryptocurrencies. P2B experts continue reviewing the most promising coins, and from this article, you will learn about Crypto Performance — an altcoin with great potential. But first things first.

Profile CPC

Crypto Performance is a completely decentralized crypto currency. The network has been successfully functioning and actively developing for three years. It is accessible over the world, except for Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, North Korea, Yemen, Libya, and other third-world countries.

The CPCoin crypto platform is designed for purchase, keeping, and investment in digital currencies. The transactions there involve a fee for each operation that is charged automatically, which ensures the reliability and smooth functioning of the system.

The developer team did not undertake an ICO and preliminary launches of the project to raise user funds, but the coin is successfully sold on the largest exchanges with the token value steadily growing and, according to expert forecasts, continuing to do so in the foreseeable future.


About the Project

Safety CPC
CPCoins are stored in a secure wallet, which is part of the Infinity Economics blockchain ecosystem
Ease of use
Neither special knowledge, nor advanced computer skills, nor complex powerful equipment is required to make transactions and keep the coins
Complete decentralization
There are no financial, economic, or political regulators involved in the system. The transactions and token storage are accomplished without the involvement of third parties
The team of professionals
The project was created and is being developed by the team of experienced specialists, including leading programmers, analysts, economists, finanсial experts, and world-class marketing specialists
High transaction speed
Any operation takes no more than 60 seconds (usually much less)
The loyalty program
For every 100 CPCs in the Advantage wallet, all users are credited 0.133 CPC per day as a bonus. Each coin holder can activate this option in his or her personal account

The Features of Crypto Performance

The project was released in October 2020. Its founders are Horst Stäbler (founder, marketing expert) and Giuseppe Rimola (senior partner, manager, business motivator). The idea behind and the main mission of the project is to create a safe and comfortable peer-to-peer network, which payment unit would be convenient to use and profitable for all coin holders. One of the main goals of the developers was to simplify the use of wallets and transactions, making them accessible to users who are not yet experts in digital currencies. And they have been able to fully implement this idea — even children and the elderly can use CPCoin for purchases, accumulation, and gaining profit.

CPCoin for purchases

CPCoin for purchases

The token's value varies between 0.85–1.02 USD and is characterized by moderate volatility. The developers have created 250,000,000 CPC that will be completely introduced into circulation by the end of December 2023. The distribution will look as follows:

50% (125,000,000) — secondary distribution between users;

20% (50,000,000) — advertising and the ecosystem's development;

15% (37,500,000) — user protection fund;

15% (37,500,000) — for the founders and the team.

The peer-to-peer system utilizes the elliptic curve cryptography and runs on the Curve25519 algorithm (an IETF standard called RFC 7748). This standard is widely applied for data storage in Apple iOS, Tor, the I2P Network, and WhatsApp. The security standard in all the sectors is CCSS.

CPCoin: Any Transactions on Favorable Terms

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transactions CPC

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