What is NEO coin ?

If your intention is to buy Neo, you should comprehend the potential of the blockchain platform and the asset associated with. The technology relies on the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance algorithm that prevents unreliable members from participating in the blockchain's work. The technology is futureproof: the more users join the network, the more rapidly it accomplishes the transactions. A sudden increase in demand would not lead to a collapse. The blockchain operates with two coins: Neo and Gas. The former is used for investments plus voting for upgrades and improvements of the project. With the latter, one pays the commissions for the operations carried out within the network. In 2019, the EcoBoost initiative was established to stipulate technical, promotional and monetary assistance to startups built on this technology. Thanks to low entry barriers the blockchain attracts developers from all regions of the planet.

About NEO

The Neo platform, created in 2014, happened to be the pioneering public blockchain in China. Since then, it was frequently dubbed the “Asian alternative to the Ethereum blockchain platform”. During its first three years of existence, this network was promoted as Antshares but was rebranded later. This open-source venture has ambitions to evolve into “the next generation Internet”. The web as it exists today has too many shortcomings. Its primary drawback is that people can not control their private details. The masterminds of the Neo technology reckon that blockchain applications and smart contracts would soon become mainstream. Their verdict is that the future economy will be resting on digital identities, digitalized payments and cryptocurrencies — and their brainchild would operate as the basis for the breakthrough.

What is NEO ?

Reasons to buy Neo at P2B

Buy with card
You can buy Neo with a credit card, using fiat money, or with another cryptocurrency.
The site operates remarkably fast, carrying out up to 10,000 trades every second.
95% of all tokens are stored in cold wallets so that hackers can not get hold of them. The Web Application Firewall provides an additional level of security.
Available on trades
The Neo crypto price is always kept at a competitive level — just like the prices of the other assets.
There will always be a sufficient supply of this token, even if you are planning to acquire large quantities.
Users Support
If you have questions regarding how to buy Neo cryptocurrency or carry out other operations, the multilingual customers' support will be eager to help you 24/7.

Further plans of the Neo platform

The Neo onchain crew aims to reach cross-chain interoperability with diverse blockchains in the perspective. That would allow public and private ventures to interconnect and jointly utilize information with the help of the Onchain. This market niche is empty, and Neo Onchain is planning to occupy it. For interoperability, trust is crucial — so Neo onchain is introducing its digital identity. Unlike Bitcoin, the venture will not be anonymous and noncontrollable. However, the Onchain digital identity will differentiate itself from the conventional “Know Your Customer” method that is typical of banking institutions. When introducing the digital identity, the Onchain would try to take into account the priorities of all members: private business, national and international regulators, individual users, miners and other contributors.

The blockchain statistics

Neo platform

At the moment of gathering these statistics, the dApp ecosystem of the blockchain counted over 2,000,000 user addresses, over 500,000 community members and over 300 technical contributors. Over 100 dApps have already been released to foster the innovative economy.

Global communities of the blockchain developers have been formed in 20 cities and 7 countries. 100,000,000 USD have been invested in the EcoBoost initiative to foster the implementation of large-scale business blockchain products. Over 30 wallets have been built to store the official asset of the blockchain.

Currently, the blockchain is getting ready to upgrade to its third version. Its protocol will be exposed to a series of major updates to become more stable, productive and developer-optimized.

The meaning of the name

The current name of the venture derives from the ancient Greek prefix that served as a stem word for the English adjective “new”. The original Greek dictionary unit meant “new”, “young”, “innovative”, which is a spot-on term for a project that deals with smart contracts. By the way, the project switched to associating itself with the smart economy only after the rebranding.

The previous name, Antshare, was concentrated on the mass appeal of the venture. The mission of the venture then was to allow each client to accomplish their private tasks that eventually contribute to the general welfare.

Attention: the Neox crypto has nothing to do with the token that we are discussing in this review. Even though their names may sound similar, Neox is a separate coin that lacks its own blockchain and runs on the Stellar network. Please do not mix up these two when purchasing coins or planning smart contract operations.

What is NEO

What is Neo onchain

Neo onchain and the eponymous opensource platform are two separate entities. Neither of them owns the other. The target audience of the former are private customers or communities. The latter is concentrated on the business-to-business sector.

The former receives funds from a public community. The latter is backed by Fosun, the largest private conglomerate in China. Fosun's portfolio includes projects from such diverse sectors as finance, medical science, lifestyle and entertainment, which creates a substantial synergy effect.

Onchain was created in 2016 to design blockchain products for businesses. Its major product is called Distributed Networks Architecture (DNA): it designs public and private blockchains as well as utilizes digital asset applications. The masterminds behind the Neo onchain claim that the DNA might be modified to efficiently cater to the individual demands of both public and private sectors.

Relations between Neo onchain and the national administration

Soon after its advent, the Onchain received support from the Guiyang administration (this is the principal city of one of the Chinese provinces). In terms of this collaboration, smart contract 2.0 was released.

China is one of the pioneering countries that introduced a digital analog to the national currency, which would drastically reshape the current cross-border payment system. The national government regards the Onchain as an inherent element of the ongoing industrial innovation. Just like Bitcoin, smart contracts and other components of the crypto infrastructure, the Onchain with its digital identity will support independent innovations and accelerate progress.

The Onchain creates forward-thinking solutions to national enterprises and local administrations. Smart contracts built by this entity are targeted at modernizing logistics and commodity trading plus encourage government digitalization.

Why one should buy Neo cryptocurrency

The coin favorably differentiates itself from others by the subsequent criteria:

  1. Its network is remarkably fast: every second, it accomplishes over 10,000 transactions.
  2. Unlike Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, one can mine this coin at no cost.
  3. This blockchain platform was launched in China, which is the largest market for cryptocurrencies.
  4. Numerous Chinese business entities and governmental bodies have already collaborated with the Neo platform. When legislative challenges affect the cryptocurrency sector, it should be beneficial for the blockchain.
  5. This technology allows developers to create smart contracts with different programming languages, which attracts experts with diverse skills to this blockchain platform.

The Neo platform is a prospective and sustainable system, backed up by an innovative concept.

buy Neo cryptocurrency

Arguments against acquiring this token

This might sound like a paradox but there are hardly any arguments against investing in this coin. The staunchest critics could point out only one drawback of the Neo onchain: it is striving to become the root chain. Today, several other projects are contending for the same status as the Onchain. However, in the future, there will be only one root chain. If the Onchain loses to its rivals, it will hardly be relevant at all.

There is a grain of logic in this reasoning — but only in theory. In practice, right now it is impossible to predict whether the Onchain or any other project will become the primary pillar of the innovative smart economy. In the foreseeable future, the Onchain will remain one of the strongest contenders in its sector. Eventually, the venture has considerable chances to become the main leader. Investing in its cryptocurrency right now would be a wise solution that might bring you a large profit long before any problems start to arise.

Where to buy Neo crypto

At the moment of collecting this insight, the coin was traded in around 270 pairs on diverse centralized and decentralized exchanges. There, one can buy Neo with USD, other fiat money, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Binance, Huobi Global, OKEx, BitZ, and HBTC are the sites where one can buy Neo crypto in the largest quantities.

According to the Neo on Coinbase statistics, the current Neo coin price equaled $17,24. The circulating supply of the asset reached 70 538 831 coins while both total and maximum supply equaled 100 mln coins. The market capitalization of the Neo crypto coin reached $1 215 932 348.

The Neo cryptocurrency price peaked at the beginning of 2018 at $196,85. The impressive ROI that the crypto Neo brought to its holders throughout its history is over 9000%. On the Coinbase platform, the token occupies the 23 position in the rating of all cryptocurrencies, which is an excellent indicator.

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Hopefully, this article came in handy and our readers obtained a clearer notion of the Neo platform, its technology and smart contracts. You should know the answer to the request “Where can I buy Neo cryptocurrency?”, understand the potential of the Neo price crypto and realize the primary mission of the Neo onchain entity. Acquiring the token now would be a wise decision that might help you make considerable profit in the future. So far, the primary demand for this asset comes from large and small Asian investors. But the venture is highly likely to succeed on a global scale in the nearest perspective, so now it seems to be the proper time to jump on the bandwagon. Feel free to register at P2B today and purchase the coin on favorable conditions!