What is OmiseGo (OMG)?

The Omisego blockchain was created in 2017 and got its current name in 2020. The term “Omisego” derives from the Japanese word “Omise” which means “shop”. Even though the OMG blockchain was launched in Bangkok, the primary audience of the new Omise project was both Thai and Japanese audiences. Now, Omisego is becoming a truly global affair. To buy OMG coin would be a smart idea that might bring you profit in the forthcoming years. If you follow the OMG coin news, you know that the Omisego value is backed up by a useful and powerful concept. When this blockchain takes off on a large scale, the Omisego future price should be much higher than now.

The functioning of the Omisego payments system

Omisego uses the Ethereum network but operates much quicker. The Omise brainchild became the first ETH-based asset whose capitalization surpassed $1 bln. This happened because the Omisego blockchain permits its audience to easily convert the OMG cryptocurrency to fiat money and contrariwise in an e-wallet. Thanks to the Omisego blockchain and the OMG cryptocurrency, clients who were not able to access the traditional banking services can still use them. The Omisego blockchain eliminates the boundaries between payment systems, liquidity providers, private e-wallet holders, node owners, banks, and other market players. The system that Omisego uses does not take into account the credit history of its clients, their regional infrastructure, or other similar factors. One does not need to maintain a node of this blockchain to create an e-wallet in it, make payments, and resort to other benefits.

What is OmiseGo (OMG)?

Why purchase the OMG cryptocurrency at P2B

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The Omisego prices are kept at a competitive level.
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You can top up the deposit with a crypto asset or fiat money from a bank card.
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P2B offers its clients a lucrative referral program. Generate a unique invitation link or QR code and distribute it between your acquaintances. After they create an account in the system using your code or link, you will start receiving payments — that is, commissions for each transaction they accomplish (not necessarily connected to the Omisego blockchain). Without maintaining nodes, trading the OMG cryptocurrency or other assets, you will be enjoying your passive income.
Users Support
If you have any questions regarding creating an account, trading assets, transfers from e-wallets, payment fees, or other aspects, the 24/7 multilingual support will eagerly help you.

Conclusion regarding Omisego

Hopefully, this Omisego news came in handy, and now you have a clearer vision of the OMG cryptocurrency and blockchain. The fact of owning Omisego cryptocurrency would allow you to become a part of a promising venture and enjoyably make money, without maintaining a blockchain node. Feel free to buy OMG and follow the Omisego latest news to keep up to date with the freshest trends, events, and updates of the project!

OMG token

OMG token price and other useful OMG crypto news

At the moment of writing this review, the Omisego CMC statistics were as follows:

  • The OMG crypto price was $3,40 (add an impressive growth potential to that).
  • The OMG crypto 24-hour volume reached $174 007 549.
  • The market capitalization of the crypto OMG was $477 164 893.
  • The circulating supply of the Omisego asset was 140 245 398 coins.

According to the current OMG crypto news, the OMG cryptocurrency is ranked 39 in the CoinMarketCap rating.

Even though it might be a bit late to talk about the OMG ICO price, it should be noted that the Omise blockchain not simply reached its target of $19 mln at the ICO but gathered $25 mln. The asset gave its owners access to the Omise GO e-wallets and payments system. Plus, they acquired profit from the blockchain's functioning.

OMG crypto news

The primary advantages of the Omisego crypto

The OMG cryptocurrency stands out from all the numerous assets for the subsequent reasons:

  1. The Omisego blockchain was created and is supported by the payment processor Omise. Omise can boast of an extensive customer base. All the payments processed by Omise can be carried out through the Omisego blockchain.
  2. Omisego uses the MoreViable Plasma — a scaling solution that groups multiply transactions into a batch to verify it as a single operation in the ETH blockchain.
  3. Omisego uses its own forward-thinking SDK decentralized e-wallet. The transaction fees for all assets in this e-wallet are minimal. You can be sure there would be no third-party interference.

Vitalik Buterin, the mastermind behind the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency, tweeted in 2017: among all the projects created on the ETH base, he recommends only Omisego plus one more venture. The Omisego blockchain received intellectual and financial assistance from Buterin.

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Where to buy Omisego

One can buy Omisego (OMG) on either decentralized or centralized exchanges. The former might offer slightly more lucrative prices for the Omise asset — yet they lack security guarantees and sometimes even clients' support. The latter might feature more complicated interfaces and require users to pass the verification procedure — but they are remarkably safe and reliable.

If you check the OMG coin news today, you would see that the asset of the Omisego blockchain is traded in over 270 pairs against other assets. The largest supply of the crypto Omisego was amassed on Binance, Binance.KR., Huobi Global, OKEx and IDCM. However, you might want to buy Omisego not on the above-listed sites but the P2B centralized exchange.