The security of transactions on this network is guaranteed by the combined hash rates of the Bitcoin, Komodo, and Pirate Chain. Both money and user data are thereby securely protected

Pirate Chain is the World’s Most Private Cryptocurrency

The main difference between cryptocurrencies and both e-money and traditional financial instruments is decentralization. This means that tokens are not controlled by governments, fiscal authorities, and financial regulators, and transactions with them are extremely difficult to track. Privacy is peculiar to most cryptocurrencies, but even among them, some coins are notable for an unprecedented high level of security and confidentiality — ARRR Pirate Chain being out of competition in this regard. In this article, P2B experts will describe it in detail.


ARRR Pirate Chain

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Maximum possible security of each transaction. More than 95% of all the assets are stored in cold wallets

ARRR's Profile

Pirate Chain is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies — even the most secure, according to the developers' claim. The majority of independent experts share this point of view, confirming both the 100% privacy of transactions in the system and the absolute security of each operation. The confidentiality of transactions with the token cannot be violated by other network users, as zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge proof to secure peer-to-peer transactions) by ZCash and the rule of enforced private-only transactions by Monero are used for peer-to-peer operations. Security is ensured by dPoW Komodo (it provides an unprecedented high level of protection against pirate attacks), but, to begin with, attackers would have to overcome the combined hash rates of Bitcoin, Komodo, and the Pirate Chain itself to hack the network. Even if someone is technically prepared for such an attack, they hardly even theoretically have the amount necessary to commit it — it is simply overwhelming.

ARRR Profile

Pirate Chain: A Bit of History, Figures, and Facts

This decentralized peer-to-peer network is an independent asset chain based on the Komodo Platform technology. It was created in the late summer of 2018 by a group of developers from the Komodo community. The goal is to establish the most secure and private peer-to-peer payment system that would take into account the real needs of users and ensure complete confidentiality of transactions. Most developers consider anonymity a matter of secondary importance, but in the Pirate Chain, it has been given as much attention as the security of the network and transactions. The zk-SNARKs protocol is capable of proving the validity of an assertion to peers without disclosing more information than is contained in the assertion itself (the sender's address, the transaction ID and amount, and the recipient's address are thus not disclosed). These proofs are extremely small and can be verified in a few milliseconds.

There will be only 200,000,000 ARRR coins in the network and no more with the circulation of 177,526,930 tokens. The value varies in the range of 2.6-2.8 USD per coin, while at the moment of release, it was 3.02 USD with a daily trading volume of 7,764,495 USD. Pirate Chain has fallen by 6.30 in the last 24 hours. In the CoinMarketCap independent rating, Pirate Chain ranks 222nd in terms of capitalization, which exceeds half a billion dollars (530,668,467 USD). It takes about a minute to create one block; the reward is halved every 388,885 blocks (about once every 270 days).

Token's Features

First of all, Pirate Chain is characterized by advanced principles. It is arguably the first coin in which the privacy protocol is applied forcibly. The coin has other features as well:

  • Supporting TOR. As is well known, it is the most private browser available, and it is supported by the Pirate Chain network.
  • Integration with online stores. To ensure it, the developers offer extensive functionality, including the possibility of connecting to POS terminals in the future.
  • The Sapling upgrade. Thanks to it, mobile and light wallets can be created in the foreseeable future.
  • Anti-attack protection. The value exceeds 51%, which became possible thanks to dPoW (Delayed Proof-of-Work).
  • Private transactions. Pirate Chain is the largest pool of protected funds among all the peer-to-peer networks that use the zk-SNARKs protocol.

The Pirate network began to develop after a usual launch — without ICO, pre-mining, and developer commissions — and soon was able to achieve impressive financial results. Such a state of affairs gives reason to believe that the token has a bright future.

ARRR coins

The Terms of the P2B Referral Program

The developers of P2B do everything to make user interaction with the platform not only comfortable but also profitable. The exchange's referral program is one of the owners' initiatives that allows everyone to earn money by simply attracting new users. This is quite easy, as the platform enjoys a good reputation, offers really favorable conditions, and provides the highest security level possible. The program has been implemented and successfully operating for more than 3 years. For you to receive a reward, another user must register on the platform using your referral link and start making transactions with cryptocurrencies. The referrer receives up to 15% of the total turnover of their referral in the same currency in which the transactions were made. The money earned in this way is paid at the end of each month.

Now you know why ARRR is called the most private cryptocurrency and understand how bright the prospects are for those who decide to invest in these tokens. It won't be long before their price likely skyrockets, just as it was with bitcoin. So, it remains only to start acting — everything is up to you!