XTR tokens

The global expansion of cryptocurrencies has begun relatively recently, but today, hardly anyone has any doubts about its widespread distribution. Tokens are increasingly entering all spheres of human life; against this background, it is natural that specialists are looking for new opportunities for their comfortable use in everyday life. The Xtremcoin platform was created for this very purpose. This altcoin review is going to provide readers with accurate and up-to-date information about the platform and the crypto itself since it is an integral part of the project.

Profile XTR

Xtremcoin is an innovative modular platform for creating crypto exchanges, NFT markets, and digital banking services with built-in liquidity. In simple terms, this is open-source software that allows exchanging the most popular types of crypto.

Another feature of the platform is direct integration with the Simplex credit card system used in NFC, a contactless payment system based on BEP-20 and ERC-20, and Geliyoo products (glasses, rings, bracelets). The latter allows customers to conduct simple transactions without the use of credit cards and smartphones. And of course, this is an opportunity to provide comfortable operations in all directions with your own cryptocurrency - XTR.

XTR tokens


20 payment methods
Cryptocurrency purchases with the possibility to pay in more than 20 ways. Bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and electronic wallets are the most popular ones
The system provides a guarantee of chargebacks and implements some of the most advanced security protocols
Counterparties do not see each other's contact details and personal data, so they have the opportunity to conduct transactions incognito
High speed of transactions
Any operation with XTR tokens and other altcoins is carried out almost instantly on the Xtremcoin platform
Advanced blockchain technologies
The most advanced blockchain technologies are linked to NFC and ERC-20. Users have the opportunity to use smart accessories not only for creating stylish outfits but also for payment and exchange
Easy integration with businesses
Developers offer solutions that can cater to users' commercial interests. For example, accepting payments from buyers and making payments to suppliers

Features of the Xtremcoin ecosystem

Why is it Better to buy and sell XTR on P2PB2B?

Modern exchanges that deal with altcoins are subject to increased requirements for functionality, security, and platform responsiveness. P2PB2B fully meets them, which is confirmed by the conclusions of specialized experts and positive feedback from regular users. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this exchange:

  • favorable conditions for conducting any transactions with Xtremcoin tokens;
  • one of the largest altcoin exchanges known worldwide;
  • 4+ years of productive work without;
  • cold wallets are used to store users' assets, which eliminates the possibility of hacking;
  • unprecedented security measures, including OWASP standards;
  • the exchange operates 24/7 without days off;
  • there are opportunities to receive passive income as part of the loyalty program.

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A referral program has been developed, implemented, and has been fruitfully operating at P2PB2B for more than 4 years. It was developed to increase the loyalty of existing customers and to attract new ones. The bottom line is that users can receive passive income in the amount of up to 15% of the funds that their referrals sold, bought, or exchanged. The referral link is available for download in your personal account and can be used an unlimited number of times. This means that the potential income obtained in this way is not limited.

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