WEC Web Coin

Currently, there are many cryptocurrency projects that use blockchain technology to solve economical or social issues and create their own cryptocurrencies. WEC is a project that provides an opportunity for anyone to issue their own ERC20 token for any purpose with the help of the WEC token factory platform. Besides, the company has its own token, a web wallet and an Android wallet as well. This is one of the business projects owned by the Web Token Profit company.

About WEC

Web Coin Pay or WEC is an electronic asset of the Web Token Profit ecosystem that is based on blockchain. The core goal of the community is the mutually advantageous exchange of resources and goods between people on the internal market. Web Coin Pay is sometimes called one of the most democratic coins.

The company's strategy of issuing and using the coin is to create a good fundament for preserving its liquidity. This is the major feature that makes WEC different from a number of speculative projects. Due to the fact that the demand for Web Coin Pay always exceeds supply, the price of this crypto is growing in value in relation to the dollar. That is why this asset has drawn the attention of investors as well. Now let's take a closer look at this digital currency.

WEC Web Coin

Web Coin Pay or WEC

The Web Coin Pay crypto has the strong support of the community. The cryptocurrency was developed at the height of the 2020 crisis to provide people an opportunity to protect their money from inflation and cutting.
15-years roadmap
The project has a 15-years roadmap. According to the plan, new tokens will be issued annually, but in a smaller amount each year. Due to this, WEC will grow in price and its holders will gain more profits the longer they own the asset.
Web Coin Pay bets on reliability
Web Coin Pay bets on reliability. The WEС network is protected against additional emissions, forks and changing the blockchain code.
Proof of Stake
The project uses the Proof of Stake consensus allowing to reduce the expanses of the participants.
The WEC network works faster compared to other ones. The transaction speed is 0.001-120 sec.
Eco-friendly coin
Web Coin Pay is an eco-friendly coin. There are no mining opportunities in the project, that is why it requires minimal energy consumption, the coin can be only exchanged.

WEC's value in the crypto market

The value of a crypto asset is determined by its liquidity and function in carrying out some particular operations. There are many digital currencies in the crypto market that are nothing more than speculative units. Even if they are worth something in a moment, later their value will inevitably approach zero. Web Coin Pay is a different project, since it is used for its intended purpose as a payment method in the Web Token Profit ecosystem.

Web Coin Pay or WEC

The coin is confirmed by the infrastructure that has been built around it. It works for the crypto's popularization and development. If a cryptocurrency has only an idea and nothing else, then this asset can be used only for some speculative purposes, it has no other application.

Like Ethereum, Bitcoin and other meaningful cryptocurrencies, Web Coin Pay is backed by its own:

  • infrastructure represented in the form of numerous business projects;
  • wallet;
  • blockchain;
  • the Coin Galaxy exchange, etc.

Over some time, the coin is intended to be used as an independent payment method to buy food, apparel, home decor and any other goods or services at many outlets.

What you should know about WEC's tockenomics

WEC is a long-term project: the smart contract is programmed to create a specific number of coins annually for 15 years. Every year, less WEC will be issued for circulation. As a result, the coin deficit will gradually be created. Taking into account the rapidly growing community, this fact will positively influence the price of Web Coin Pay. To put it simply, WEC will become more expensive year by year.

21 million WEC coins have been created in total. But you should take into account that the smart contract puts a restriction on the additional issue. This means that no extra coins will be provided in the future.

The coin was represented in 2021. Having a deadline of spring 2021, the first 5,000,000 WEC coins were issued. Each subsequent year, the total number of new coins will be 500,000 less. Thus, the earlier you buy Web Coin Pay, the more profits you can potentially get.

The entire 100% of WEC is intended to be distributed among the Web Token Profit community members. The company doesn't charge an asset part in favor of the development team. The company uses another method for monetization and benefiting from the project including exchange commissions, selling project licenses, etc.

Where can I buy WEC?

WEC has been listed on several large cryptocurrency exchanges, but unlike most other cryptos, it cannot be bought directly with fiat money. However, it is still possible to obtain this coin with a credit card. But first, you should purchase BTC, USDT or any other digital asset that is traded in pairs with WEC and then swap it for Web Coin Pay. You can buy WEC on such crypto exchanges as BTC-Alpha, Whitebit and P2PB2B.

buy WEC

The country you live in doesn't matter: it is easy to purchase Web Coin Pay in Europe, the USA, Russia, etc. You can even use online banks to open an account and transfer money to exchanges like Coinbase and Uphold.

To sum up, WEC is an interesting project to invest in. But keep in mind that buying cryptos always involves risks. Please, choose crypto assets wisely and invest in those cryptos you are sure of.