Buy SOLAR profitably on P2B

The DeFi ecosystem is rapidly evolving and offers a wide range of AMM solutions to users. The three most popular ones are Curve, Balancer, and Uniswap. The last one is the most sustainable. This innovative solution allows users to create a secure liquidity pool using any pair of ERC-20 tokens at a 50/50 ratio. In this article, P2B experts are going to talk about Solar Dex, a cryptosystem with high transaction speed and abnormally low fees, as well as mention its SOLAR token

Profile SOLAR

SOLAR is a cryptocurrency created based on the Serum protocol, using Uniswap AMM solutions. Serum is an exchange (DEX) protocol and ecosystem that provides decentralized finance. The central limit order book allows ecosystem partners to conduct instant transactions while providing liquidity and market functions for institutional and retail buyers.

The platform eliminates the need for third-party liquidity locks, making the system truly decentralized and independent. The project provides users with a wide range of investment options in an open and transparent platform. It can satisfy the needs of both experienced investors and beginners who are looking for a stable passive income. And all these are accompanied by maximum security.




Reliable concept
The SolarDex application and smart contracts are verified by some of the best auditors in the world
There are no intermediaries and regulators in the system, which means that all risks associated with them are completely leveled
Auto-lock liquidity
It is implemented by pooling the LP of two contracts of equal value
Absence of any risks
The system is reliably protected from hacking and malfunctions by the Serum and Uniswap protocols
Passive income
Users receive interest only for keeping tokens in their wallets
Exchange commission compensation
The costs of transactions within the system are covered by the project team

Roadmap and Tokenomics

The release of the project took place in the second half of 2021. The launch was preceded by a lot of programming and marketing work, with which the team did an excellent job. The listing on the exchange took place 2 months later after the release of the cryptocurrency. The beta version of Solar DEX was introduced in 2022. Plans for the current year include the development of partnerships, the launch of Solana-most BSC, a number of marketing events, and weekly technical updates.

The total offer is 100,000,000 SOLAR. 55.7% of this number will be sent to the free sale, 20% will go to the liquidity pool, 15% will be left for centralized exchanges, and 5% and 4.3% will go to the team and ensure rates, respectively.

Features of the SOLAR token

Project developers have provided the system with automatic blocking of liquidity. To do this, LPs combine two contracts of equal value into a pool. In exchange for the supply of their funds, users receive a percentage equal to % of their contribution to the pool. This concept eliminates the need for third-party liquidity and allows token holders to earn passive income.

Unlike other blockchains that can be accessed using a standard Metamask or a hardware wallet, SolarDex uses Solana with a range of available wallets (developers themselves recommend using Solaedex as the most versatile tool). Users can choose each wallet to store tokens and conduct transactions with them.

Most DeFi projects are measured by their market capitalization, but not everyone finds this approach adequate. Thus, the creators of Solar Dex suggest defining liquidity as the total number of network-based tokens (BNB, Ethereum, Solana), which should increase the value of the cryptocurrency. In their opinion, the liquidity limit is the best proof of liquidity in the pool and reliable confirmation of the actual value of the token.

Any transactions with SOLAR on P2B

When it comes to financial issues, the questions of absolute security and favorable terms for conducting transactions play a crucial role for counterparties. These two conditions are also relevant for the cryptocurrency market, so users tend to search for an exchange that would fully ensure these requirements and be trustworthy. P2B is just such a platform. Here are some arguments in favor of choosing this exchange for any transactions with SOLAR:

  • 4+ years of flawless work;
  • it is part of the world's largest crypto exchanges;
  • high speed of processing applications in 24/7 format;
  • experienced managers and a team of true professionals;
  • a daily trade turnover within $1.4 billion;
  • 200+ fiat and cryptographic currencies in the catalog;
  • unprecedentedly favorable conditions for SOLAR exchange;
  • maximum safe storage of tokens in cold wallets;
  • protection against hacking according to the OWASP standard;

The referral program is another strong argument. It allows clients to receive a very impressive additional income that can easily turn into the main one. To get it permanently, you need to attract new users. Everyone who registers using the referrer's link and makes any operation on the exchange brings up to 15% of his turnover. The platform pays a reward once a month, based on the amount of funds that all referrals bought, sold, or exchanged. Their number is not limited, which means that the referrer's income also has no limits. It is unlikely that investors will be able to find more favorable conditions