How to buy Santa Inu

In educational literature, memes are defined as units of culturally significant information. However, in the modern world, they can mean much more than just emoticons, phrases, or iconic objects. For example, in the context of digital finance, memes, in particular meme tokens, play no less important roles than bitcoin, and sometimes more. Santa Inu is one such cryptocurrency. In this article, P2B experts will tell you everything that a user and a potential investor need to know about it. So, first things first.

Profile SANINU

Santa Inu is a BSC (Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem) token that is fully decentralized and managed by the user community. SANINU is a meme token, but more serious goals have determined its development. Its developers are convinced that there are a lot of good people in the world and united, they will be able to do a lot of good deeds and really help those who need it most. This is the main mission of the project, but it is not limited to altruistic motives. Developers made sure that good deeds are well rewarded, so users have the opportunity to not only do good deeds but also earn decent money on their actions.

The project website was launched when Santa-inu's official Telegram account had only about 5,000 members. Almost immediately after that, there was a listing on minor CEXS (at that time, there were almost 15,000 users on Telegram). After the release of the NFT P2E game, the number of users increased to 100,000 almost instantly.

Santa Inu


Complete decentralization
There are no regulators and intermediaries in the system; all transactions are carried out exclusively between users.
Thoughtful tokenomics
The price of the token will gradually increase due to the use of not only economic and marketing tools but also software ones
Earn money
The opportunity to earn money by doing good deeds. The project opens up endless opportunities for those who want to do charity work and receive a stable income from this activity
Developers guarantee the highest level of security of all user data. Transactions are protected by a triple encryption protocol; the probability of hacking is reduced to zero
High liquidity
Tokens have been already recognized by the most reputable platforms and are accepted on them. In just a couple of months, they will appear on the rest of the TOP-10 charity portals
The project allows doing good deeds incognito, any transactions are also carried out anonymously within the system

SANINU - NFT project

A fair launch is one of the key ones. This means that the founders of the project and each member of the development team paid for their tokens just like ordinary users. A complex loyalty program was developed and implemented within the project. By essence, this is a system of rewarding users for good deeds and commitment to the community. It implies a 3% cashback for all transactions. The system is designed in such a way that the price of tokens grows steadily, regardless of whether most users want to sell or buy SANINU. Coin holders can permanently observe how their number grows in the wallet.Buy SANINU

The project's NFT (Unique Non-Interchangeable Digital Key) is unique. The developers' idea is to sell pictures drawn by orphans. They are sold at auctions within the NFT trading platform. 70% of the profit is transferred to the orphanage where a picture was created, and 30% goes for the needs of the software, project marketing promotion, donations, payments to users.

Initial liquidity is locked up for a year to ensure that holders can exchange and sell their tokens anytime. The integrity of funds is guaranteed to a third party. The Mudra website acts as a guarantor. Once unlocked, LP tokens will be burned. Audit of smart contracts is carried out by Solidity, marketing is provided by developers. The token's contract has been verified and is viewable on a BSC scan.SANINU crypto

Transactions with SANINU on P2B on favorable conditions

When buying or exchanging cryptocurrency, including meme tokens, it is important to not only obtain guarantees for transaction security but also process it on the most favorable conditions. The P2B exchange completely satisfies these requirements. According to all facts, it is one of the most suitable platforms for conducting any transactions with Santa Inu in both directions. Here are just the main advantages of the platform:

  • has an impeccable reputation since 2018;
  • meets the security requirements of OWASP TOP-10;
  • is one of the TOP-12 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world;
  • processes up to 10,000 transactions per second;
  • provides favorable conditions for all transactions with SANINU;
  • offers 200+ cryptocurrencies available for purchase and exchange;
  • keeps 95% of tokens in “cold” wallets;
  • provides round-the-clock service without breaks and weekends;
  • guarantees instant reaction of the technical support to requests via chat or email;
  • has a cool and profitable referral program.

The P2B referral program has been successfully functioning for 4 years. The essence of the program is that a referrer can receive up to 15% of the turnover of his referrals, the number of which is not limited. The reward is paid once a month in the currency in which transactions were made. The program is not limited in time. Thus, users who once registered using your link will guarantee absolutely passive income throughout the entire period of using the exchange services.