REC mission

Cryptocurrencies are not just financial tools for investing. There are many types of digital coins designed for particular purposes in the crypto industry. At the same time, they have great potential as electronic assets that can make a money profit in the future. REC tokens are one of them, keep reading to learn more about what prospects this digital asset has.

About REC token

Crypto REC token is an instrument created for streamers and their followers. With the help of an exclusive NFT platform, it can help both Internet celebrities and their fans to take financial advantage. The development team of this project has a strong roadmap to achieve this aim. The main trump card is to implement a DeFi feature to enable staking. The more popular the project becomes, the higher the market price of REC and holders of this token can easily increase their profits.


REC mission

About NFT

This crypto project was designed directly for streamers, the REC name hints at this.
Idea of REC
The idea of REC has a strong viral potential, since the token can bring financial profits both to Youtubers and their fans
Great marketing opportunities
REC brings great marketing opportunities to distributors and enables buyers to receive a valuable digital product that will be growing in price over time
Easily buy REC on the P2PB2B
You can easily buy REC on the P2B cryptocurrency exchange right away
Token price
At the listing moment, the REC token price was 0.01 USD
Currently, REC security tokens are already available to be bought like Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrencies on some crypto exchanges

REC tokenomics and roadmap

Streamers can be REC token distributors, they have the possibility to release their NTF associated with some particular events and then sell the assets directly to the fans. In turn, REC creates good marketing opportunities for online celebrities to promote themselves and increase interest in their broadcasts.REC NFT

Let's imagine that a streamer has announced some NFT-related live event. REC can be considered as an additional tool to draw the attention of new people. On the one hand, NFT helps to reach more new followers and thank the core audience, on the other hand, fans can obtain something valuable from their favorite Youtuber. In addition, REC buyers can participate in some special events organized by the streamer, and the commission for each transaction will be used to foster distributors. This is a classic win-win situation for both parties, that is why the project has high viral potential.

It should be noted that a crypto asset is a much better merchandising product than just a branded T-shirt or other stuff like that. Buying REC from a popular Internet person has reasonable grounds to bring you more money in the future. Over time, such an investment may go up in value. This is the best personal bounty from your favorite streamer, isn't it?

About NFT

NFT token (or non-fungible token) is a unique digital certificate stored on the blockchain that guarantees the originality of the item and gives exclusive rights to it. Such a token cannot be replaced by another identical one without changing the value and essence of the object.

Blockchain guarantees the authenticity of non-fungible tokens. Due to this system, any user can verify the original rights and history of a particular NFT through the blockchain. When buying an NFT token, the user acquires a certificate for a piece of data. An NFT token can be imagined like a painting, which may belong to a gallery, museum, or individual, but the audience can see it in a catalog or at an exhibition.

REC tokenomics and roadmap

REC tokens ERC 20 are based on the Binance Smart Cain network. The total supply of this cryptocurrency is 100,000,000 REC. They are allocated in the following way: 70 % are reserved for marketing and listing fees, 20 % are kept for liquidity providing rewards, 5 % are for DEX LP, the remaining 5 % make up a pool for other purposes.

The roadmap of REC has 4 core stages:

  1. The third quarter of 2021: the project was born.
  2. The fourth quarter of 2021: IEO release and release of the REC protocol ICO token.
  3. The first quarter of 2022: CEX listing.
  4. The first quarter of 2022: the launch of the NFT platform for streamers and their audience.

Currently, REC security tokens are already available to be bought like Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrencies on some crypto exchanges.


Where can I buy REC?

Since December 9, 2021, REC protocol token is available on the P2B exchange. You can easily buy this crypto, even without waiting for a particular event from a Youtuber.

At the listing moment, the REC token price was 0.01 USD. The minimum REC purchase cost in various currencies:

  • 0.000015 BTC
  • 0.000232 ETH
  • 1 USD
  • 2.52 XLM
  • 1 USDT