Ravendex token (RAVE)

Currently, decentralized exchange platforms (DEXs) have become an integral part of the cryptocurrency industry. They make it possible to carry out peer-to-peer transactions without involving any third party like a bank or any other financial mediator. To feel truly free and be able to spend your money with no control from the outside, it is enough just to have some tokens in your crypto wallet and access to the Internet. But what cryptocurrencies show great promise? In this article, we are going to tell you about the Ravendex platform and its RAVE coin. Also, we are going to answer a popular question on whether it is a good idea to buy Ravendex token.

RAVE - Cardano blockchain

There are several popular DEXs, for example, PancakeSwap on BSC, Uniswap on Ethereum, etc. There is one more promising platform RavenDex based on the Cardano blockchain. It deals with cross-chain transactions and uses the eUTXO mode, that is why the system features splitting liquidity and other useful functions.

Ravendex token (RAVE)

About RAVE token

RAVE has a great potential to skyrocket in price and maybe even compete with Bitcoin one day. During only a couple of weeks after the token had been listed, its price rose by 26 % (more than a quarter).
Cardano blockchain
Ravendex is a pioneer cryptocurrency project built on the Cardano blockchain. In addition, the platform provides its users with great opportunities to lend and borrow assets, stake their RAVE tokens, etc. The project has already drawn quite much attention and it is expected to become popular all over the world
The company bets on total privacy and decentralization. The development team believes that the future of cryptocurrency is with exactly these two aspects and keeps working in this direction
The mission of Ravendex is to enable cryptocurrency holders to trade their cryptocurrencies independently. An automated market maker protocol and no need to rely on some central authority make this idea quite implementable
The ecosystem uses the EUTXO accounting model that is widely known for its range of unique functions. For example, the shared liquidity can be split among different assets being parts of the common Cardano Ecosystem
Development team
The development team deliberately chose the way of relatively low APY returns right after launching the project, especially in comparison with many other blockchains, but the approach of utilizing the borrowed assets and the total amount of money that is to be given to the investors at the end of the lending period has great potential in the long term

RAVE distribution

RAVE coinRavendex enables its users to swap their assets and liquidity between Cardano tokens and ADA almost immediately. RAVE is a native token of Cardano that powers the entire ecosystem. Its total supply is 1 billion RAVE.

  • Public sale: 50 %
  • Staking and yield farming: 28 %
  • Tokens reserved for the team: 12 %
  • ISPO: 7 %
  • Locked reserve: 3 %

RAVE is not only a unit with the help of which users can interact with the platform. The token is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges as an altcoin and can be bought on P2B or some other exchanges.

The Ravendex price has been gradually growing since listing on December 16, 2021. During only a couple of weeks after the token became available for buying RAVE showed a 26 % price growth.

RAVE can also be used by Ravendex users for staking, participating in the liquidity mining program of this DeFi project, paying for platform fees, and governing further development of this crypto platform. All these options add value to RAVE and make it a promising asset for investors.Buy RAVE