Megatoken that is widely known as MEGATOK is both a digital currency you can easily buy to protect your money against devaluation in the feature and an international payment system. The system is fully decentralized and operates autonomously without a central unit like a bank or an administrator. This means that all transactions are carried out between users directly according to the peer-to-peer principle, and no intermediary is required.

Ecosystem Binance Smart Chain

The ecosystem is based on Binance Smart Chain. Each monetary operation is verified by network nodes. They use cryptography to make transactions private and secure.

The project was brought to life in April 2021. Over a short time, the following milestones have been passed:

  • token private sale (May 2021);
  • Megaburn (June 2021);
  • launch of Megafarm, Pool, and exchange (August 2021);
  • Megatoken listing on a number of popular exchanges (September 2021).

MEGATOKEN liquidity pool

MEGATOK is accepted worldwide
MEGATOK is accepted worldwide. As the payment system is international, you can use your Megatoken assets all over the globe
The cryptocurrency uses Binance Smart Chain
The cryptocurrency uses Binance Smart Chain. This is the leading smart contract platform that provides advanced features for DApps
Payment system
The payment system is driven by the community. No central units can control your transactions and balance
Megafarm application
You can easily stake your MEGATOK on the Megafarm application and buy this token on a cryptocurrency exchange P2B
Price of Megatoken
The price of Megatoken is expected to grow over time due to planned burns.
The basic idea is to stimulate demand and gradually reduce supply to encourage the holders

How MEGATOK works

The ecosystem charges a 10 % fee on each transaction and divides the acquired money into three categories. The first one is the most considerable and makes up half of the fee. All holders of the MEGATOK cryptocurrency receive a part of distributed funds back to their wallets. Thus, the more tokens you have, the bigger your reward.

The amount equivalent to 20 % of the transaction fee (or 2 % of each operation) is converted into BNB, then it is paired up with the remaining 20 % and goes back to the MEGATOKEN liquidity pool. The final 10 % of the amount charged as the fee is automatically burned. Accordingly, the price of MEGATOKEN is being gradually increased with every trade!

MEGATOKEN liquidity pool

MEGATOK farming

Many enthusiasts wonder whether it is possible to mine this cryptocurrency. The answer is no, but you don't have to do something like that to increase your savings. The project offers a passive way of growing your crypto capital with the help of farming.

As MEGATOK is a DeFi static yield token, you can earn money in this digital currency by simply holding the tokens in your wallet. Either Metamask or Trust Wallet is a good variant, but you can choose any other software as well. Just note that an app should work with Binance Smart Chain.

The prospect of MEGATOK price growth along with collecting more tokens just for holding the cryptocurrency in your wallet makes this digital asset a good investment tool even for beginners. But you should remember that crypto investing involves potential risks.

Where can I buy MEGATOK?


The token is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges including P2B. To buy MEGATOK with a credit or debit card as well as other payment methods, to have an active account is enough. This is the simplest way for traders and all those who prefer long-term strategies.

Every transaction in Megatoken is anonymous, secure, and transparent. The log of operations can be observed on BSCscan. Despite the fact that this currency is a pretty young member of the crypto family, it is quickly becoming popular.