Ltradex is a digital currency

Ltradex is a digital currency that appeared in December 2021 and is an original token of the Lumos blockchain. It is a B-20 smart contract developed on the Binance smart chain as a margin-free platform. The coin is designed as a payment unit for making payments in an innovative department store where visitors can find everything they need.


The Ltradex wallet allows its holder to exchange tokens for BEP-20 and ERC-20 and vice versa. In addition, LTEX opens up unique opportunities to improve financial security for every user, regardless of gender, age, social status, and place of residence. It was not for nothing that the project team chose the motto: “With the LTEX token, there are no limits that cannot be reached.”

Ltradex is a digital currency

Chronology and Ltradex development plan

Crypto technologies
The maximum degree of security. It is impossible to hack the platform since the code is protected by a triple encryption system and the most advanced crypto technologies
Anonymity. Users do not need to go through a standard identification process that is typical for other sites. The method allows users to stay incognito in the process of making transactions, the system is similar to the Metamask mechanism.
Safety. The user has the ability to understand who he is dealing with in the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies in the same way as on centralized exchanges (KYC)
High liquidity
High liquidity. Tokens are already listed on some generally recognized platforms, and we are sure that in just a couple of months, they will enter the rest of TOP-10 platforms coinmarketcap and coingecko
Minimization of counterparty risks
Minimization of counterparty risks. This is possible due to the absence of intermediaries and the use of smart contracts (they can be checked in a couple of clicks).
Full control over digital assets
Full control over digital assets. At the same time, users can broadcast their portfolios to potential buyers without fear of becoming a victim of scammers

How works LTEX ?

Token release, website development, official logo creation, and the presentation of the project on social networks took place in the third quarter of 2021. In parallel, a tokenomics fair and an audit of contracts were held.

In the IV quarter of 2021, the White Paper of the project appeared, the official website of Ltradex was launched, and contracts for BSC scanning were verified. At the same time, a meeting of the founding team took place, at which the community program was presented. By that time, the number of LTEX holders exceeded 6,000.

By the second quarter of 2022, developers plan to create close partnerships with Brands and present the crypto on all major international platforms. It is planned that the number of users will exceed 15,000 by that time, and already in the third quarter of 2022 more than 40,000-50,000 users will be involved.

LTEX tokenomics

LTEX features

Ltradex is the world's first Arab exchange platform that can be used without margin. Moreover, this is the first platform that saves traders' money on a regular basis, and this is not a complete list of its advantages.

Developers have foreseen the release of 50,000,000,000,000 LTEX paper, 42.1% of which will be sold, 22.5% will be distributed among the members of the development team, and 35.4% will be gradually burned.

How to buy LTEX?

The procedure is quite simple. If you want to buy LTEX, you only need to create a trustwallet in the system. You can do this on the project website by opening an account on the LTEX wallet. After it is verified, a user will be able to deposit real money and purchase BEP-20.

To use the decentralized exchange, the client does not need to register. There won't be a need to enter an email address. It is enough to start LTEX and have a gadget with Internet access. It should be understood that each trade will incur a transaction fee, so the first step is to choose a card network to use.

LTEX on P2PB2B: all transactions on the most favorable conditions


Are you looking for a platform to safely buy, sell, or exchange LTEX token? It is unlikely that you'll find a more suitable option than P2PB2B. The cryptocurrency exchange has been successfully operating for over 3 years and is among the TOP-12 largest platforms in the world (according to CER). Here are some more reasons to buy LTEX here:

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