Kaiken Shiba (KSHIB)

Currently, there are so many cryptocurrency and NFT projects that it is simple to get confused about which of them are really worthy of your attention. We are going to tell you about KSHIB Kaiken Shiba. This project was launched in the summer of 2021, but it showed incredible growth in popularity.

What is KSHIB Kaiken Shiba

Kaiken Shiba is an interesting and one of the fastest-growing crypto projects having a big mission that lies in rescuing dogs in need. To do this, the development team uses blockchain technology, encryption algorithms and other means. Besides, Kaiken Shiba is not just another cryptocurrency project. Its ambitious mission is bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream with the help of new concepts, for example, NFTs, bounty, credit cards of the new generation, decentralized exchange.

The colorful design and the pet-friendly mission hit the spot and the community of the project started growing from the outset. Now, the popularity of this company is growing rapidly, which also influences the price to buy Kaiken Shiba. The team is trying to involve more people from any part of the world who are interested in both helping dogs and making money using blockchain technology.

Kaiken Shiba (KSHIB)

Kaiken Shiba KSHIB

KSHIB is a funny cryptocurrency
KSHIB is a funny cryptocurrency with a cute mascot and a big mission to rescue dogs from suffering. The project totally relies on four pillars: community, trust, transparency and longevity
Kaiken Shiba Swap
This is one of the first memetic cryptocurrencies that is used in the real-time decentralized transactions with the help of Kaiken Shiba Swap
Kaiken Shiba card
KSHIB holders can get a Kaiken Shiba card to pay directly on the website of the project
Kaiken Shiba pay wallet
The Kaiken Shiba pay wallet is an important point on the roadmap of the company. It will help users to track their rewards, check the balance, etc
Kaiken Shiba Swag
Don't forget about Kaiken Shiba Swag! KSHIB has a merchandising online store for community members who would like to support their favorite memes and help them become a bigger part of our real world. When you buy some products at it, more money is donated to the dog charity
Kaiken Shiba NFT's
The project also aims for entering the NFT market. The Kaiken Shiba NFT's collection contains lovely images of the Shiba meme character with vivid and colorful design variations. Selling cards will allow users to help more dogs

Brief history of Kaiken Shiba Meme

The crypto project called Kaiken Shiba was launched in July 2021. Currently, it could be easily called one of the most ambitious businesses of its kind that is supported worldwide. This cryptocurrency was created by the same developers who stand behind the DogeCoin online community. The major goal of the developers is to bring all the advantages of a decentralized system to everyone, make the technology as popular as supermarkets, and provide help to street dogs all over the globe that need it.

Kaiken Shiba also features approximately a 10 times higher speed of creating blocks as well as considerably cheaper gas fees due to Binance Smart Chain. Besides, the system rewards its users with an on-board smart betting system. It is simply fascinating to see how your Kaiken Shiba assets are growing day by day. This is what KSHIB holders usually say about the project.

KSHIB blockchain

KSHIB blockchain

The KSHIB crypto is built on the Binance Smart Chain (or simply BSC). It uses the BEP20 protocol that was developed by Bin. This system allows to carry out transactions faster and at the same time provide advanced stability and robustness. For example, the block generation speed reaches only 5 seconds. Such a result is ultra-fast, especially in comparison with Doge, which requires approximately one minute.

Besides, the fee for each operation is extremely low, unlike other chains. Due to these features, BSC is one of the most commonly used technologies in DeFi (decentralized finance).

The Binance Smart Chain is a sovereign blockchain that makes it possible to enjoy the true advantages of using cryptocurrency. This technology provides a high level of security and protects both users and developers from unpleasant surprises. It supports all existing Ethereal tools and uses the PoS consensus. In order to approve a single transaction 21 verifiers are required.

KSHIB tokenomics and statistics

The symbol of Kaiken Shiba crypto is $ KSHIB. Its total supply is 999 quadrillion, while the circulation supply is only 319, 73 quadrillion. 68% are already burnt. The market cap of Kaiken Shiba is 2 million. The project required only a couple of months to acquire more than 10,000 holders.

You can buy KSHIB on crypto exchanges too using any convenient payment method. The price of this token has the potential to grow in the future, thus, it may be a good investment to sell the asset at a much higher price in the future. Currently, $KSHIB is actively traded on PancakeSwap, XT.COM, P2PB2B and some other crypto exchanges. You can easily track the price change of the Kaiken Shiba token with the help of any tool like Poocoin charts.

Kaiken Shiba's ecosystem

The team of Kaiken Shiba does its best to create the most holder-friendly crypto community. They provide a large variety of options, high security and advantageous conditions. Each transaction or trade requires a 10% fee that is divided into two equal parts and used in the following way: 5% are redistributed among all KSHIB holders and the other 5% are added to the liquidity pool. So, you can just buy KSHIB, and it is enough to earn more money.

Kaiken Shiba's ecosystem

In addition, the project has a charity wallet featuring 6% of the total supply. Kaiken Shiba's partner charity foundations are going to receive this money to help dogs after 12 months since the project has been launched.


Thus, Kaiken Shiba is a new ambitious crypto project that received great support immediately due to its transparency, clear structure, creative approach and a big mission of rescuing dogs in need around the world. The KSHIB financial services are totally decentralized and governed by community members. The development team provided a detailed KSHIB Roadmap according to which a long and fascinating journey has only started.