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Analysts have calculated: in 2021, more than two dozen new cryptocurrencies (21, to be exact) appeared in the world every day. Nowadays, this figure has increased. According to the calculations of the same analysts, in the first 1.5 months of 2022, 32 new tokens were presented almost every day. Numbers speak for themselves: peer-to-peer systems are becoming more and more popular and in demand. This is largely due to the opportunities that they provide to users: the lack of control, anonymity, the high speed of transaction processing, and more. Many users are attracted by the opportunity to earn additional income provided by some cryptosystems. Golden Diamond 9 is one such token. In this article, P2B experts will tell you how you can make money on this cryptocurrency and why you should consider it as an investment tool.

About cryptocurrency

The Golden Diamond 9 team consists of professionals in sales and marketing. Having achieved success in their niches, they teamed up with the goal of creating a one-of-a-kind product that will bring enormous benefits to its holders. G9 is the result of a collaboration between programmers, marketers, and salespeople. This is the only token that rewards users in USDT. Moreover, the system provides a unique function of auto-submission of orders, which ensures comfortable transactions without the direct participation of counterparties.

Every time users buy or sell G9, the system withholds 6% of the transaction amount. 2% of this amount is transferred to the liquidity pool, and 4% is paid out to users as a reward. Due to this, liquidity is automatically maintained in the system, and token holders have the opportunity to receive additional income without making any effort.

Buy G9 tokens

Launch of the project

Opportunities for additional income
Users receive commissions from each transaction, regardless of whether it is a purchase or sale
Absolute security of all transactions. Trust wallet is one of the tools to ensure it. Together with the triple encryption algorithm, it makes hacking impossible
Decentralized system
A completely decentralized system. All transactions are carried out directly between counterparties; no financial regulator or intermediaries are present in the system.
Ease of use
Ease of use. The use of Golden Diamond 9 does not require special knowledge and skills
Fruitful investment prospects are due to thoughtful tokenomics and competent marketing
IOS Android
Software availability. You can download mobile wallets for iOS or Android on corresponding markets

Project Roadmap and Tokenomics G9

The project was launched in the 3rd quarter of 2021. Its release was preceded by large-scale marketing research, the creation of a team of highly experienced specialists, and work on project conceptualization. In the 4th quarter of 2021, the system's website was launched, along with marketing and promotional campaigns, pre-sales of tokens. At this stage, about 6,000 coin holders appeared; by now, this figure has increased at least four times.

Buy G9

The Golden Diamond 9 system does not provide for the possibility of mining. This means that all tokens will be generated purely by developers; their number will be 100,000,000,000 G9. It is an impressive number, isn't it? 10% of this amount will be burned by the project team to ensure a systematic increase in the value of the token. 16.2% of the total volume will be available in pre-sale; after the opening of official sales, another 20% will enter the market. 18.1% of G9 will go to ensure liquidity, 9% and 3% of tokens will be allocated to marketing activities and the team, respectively.

P2B: any transactions with G9 on the most profitable conditions

G9 priceIf you are looking for a platform to securely buy, sell, or exchange G9 tokens, consider the P2B exchange first. The platform stands as an optimal solution for conducting any transactions with Golden Diamond 9, and here's why:

  • P2B is included in the TOP-12 most reputable crypto exchanges;
  • the exchange has been actively developing since 2018 and has an impeccable reputation;
  • the most attractive conditions for conducting any financial operations with Golden Diamond 9;
  • system capacity allows processing up to 10,000 transactions per second;
  • the system security is organized according to the OWASP standard;
  • the exchange is available around the clock, without breaks and weekends;
  • the platform catalog comprises 200+ cryptocurrencies, 95% of which are stored in “cold” wallets;
  • a unique referral program has been developed and is successfully operating.

The P2B loyalty program compares favorably with anything offered by competitors. This is a referral program that provides for a referrer to get up to 15% of the funds from the turnover of his referrals. This is a great opportunity to get additional passive income, which, with proper organization, can easily become the main one. It's definitely worth a try!