CTC Cyber Tron Chain

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles that prevent the spreading of cryptocurrencies to all spheres of people's lives. The impossibility to pay in stores directly with digital coins is one of the highest barriers. To get some goods or services for your crypto, first of all, you need to exchange the coins to your national currency according to the current exchange rate. In most cases, it is not only an inconvenient, but also an unfavorable move. A team from South Korea offered a great solution to this problem.

About CyberTronchain

Currently, we see a situation in the world, that two financial systems are competing for the leading position. The first one is a traditional system of national currencies and the second one is relatively new but it has already proven that it deserves attention and it has the potential to replace the old order. Cryptocurrencies are not only a good investment asset. At the same time, they can be widely used as a secure payment method for everyday shopping.

CyberTronchain is a revolutionary financial service developed for bridging various payment systems and terminals (like kiosks and vending machines) that use blockchain. This oracle redefines payment methods and makes digital currencies more convenient to use in everyday life.

It connects to the blockchain network of kiosks and other devices intended for accepting payment and adds an option for anyone to pay for goods and services not only with fiat money (such as, USD, EUR and any others), but also with cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on. This digital coin list is not complete. The CyberTronchain development team is going to add much more cryptos to their system and provide people a wider range of available cryptocurrencies to pay with easily.

In order to bring cryptocurrency use to everyone all over the world, CyberTronchain offers a number of solutions. The company created the CTC Wallet application for Android and iOS as well as Bee point plastic cards providing up to 20% cashback on all purchases.

CTC Cyber Tron Chain

How it works

Means of payment
CyberTronchain is the first project to make cryptocurrencies usable in everyday life to pay for ordinary goods and services like food, clothes, municipal services, etc.
CyberTronchain provides one of the most user-friendly and convenient payment
Currently, CyberTronchain provides one of the most user-friendly and convenient payment services enabling cryptocurrencies to become not only a digital asset to invest in or trade, but a part of everyday life for all people worldwide.
CTC 2,000 onlin stores
The CyberTronchain system for accepting payments is used by at least 2,000 online and offline stores
Good volatility
CTC (the CyberTronchain token) that powers the entire system is gradually growing in price. Crypto specialists expect that the tendency will continue
Long-term investment
CTC may be a good variant for long-term investment taking into account the token statistic and the projection
You can easily buy CTC on the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange and sell it whenever you would like. No hardware wallets or any other additional instruments are needed to start trading.

CTC cryptocurrency

The payment system of CyberTronchain can be applied in several ways:

  • a secured crypto wallet in terms of KYC;
  • self-service kiosks accepting cryptocurrency;
  • mask vending machines;
  • financial services;
  • smart payment cart;
  • for converting tokens to cash directly.

The company is run by Baek-Hee Han (co-CEO), Rai Kim (co-CEO) and Siyovush Mirzoev (managing director). Cyber Tron Chain unites 18 Korean specialists, including developers, designers and managers.

CTC cryptocurrency

CyberTronchain was started as a payment method for a coffee shop kiosk located in South Korea. It was the first place in the country where people could buy a cup of coffee or something else with crypto. The experiment turned out to be successful, and the CyberTronchain development team decided to go far beyond the bounds. Now it is a secure large decentralized system based on blockchain that at the momet is used by more than 2,000 online and offline stores in South Korea.

CyberTronchain (CTC) tokenomics

In 2019, the project issued CyberTronchain crypto called CTC. The total supply is 100 million tokens. The company is focused on a long-term strategy for protecting the market, that is why only 20% of tokens are available to buy. The remaining 80% of them are reserved for system fees and physical payments. Since the moment CTC was issued, CyberTronchain has acquired more than 10,000 users.

CTC tokenomics

In April 2020, 99.9% of the total supply of CTC tokens were burned. After that, a new CyberTronchain token was issued that replaced the old one.

You can sell or buy cyber tron on such cryptocurrency exchanges as Hotbit, Latoken, P2PB2B. The latter is the most active exchange concerning the daily trading volume of CTC CyberTronchain. At the moment of CTC listing on P2PB2B, the coin was traded for $15 - $16.

According to PricePrediction, CyberTronchain has a great potential to grow in price in the future. On the basis of the technical analysis, It is expected that the value of CTC will reach $287 by 2028. Please note that this estimation is approximate and theoretical.

Looking back at the history of CyberTronchain price change, we can see a gradual growth. Taking into account the mission of the project and its real value for popularizing the use of digital coins in everyday life, buying CTC may be a good investment.