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How does crypto IDO on CEX work?

What is IDO crypto? IDO crypto meaning is “initial DEX offering” which is a great crypto fundraising method through a decentralized platform.

Crypto IDO developers find this fundraising method getting more and more popular among decentralized finance projects. Using CEX for launching an IDO project also has little to no restrictions ‒ the only thing that has to be taken care of is the choice of the platform. IDO works great with NFT launches and other DeFi projects.

Launching your IDO crypto with P2PB2B, you can start token sale on CEX, find new investors and attract even more of them while growing your community ‒ it’s safe, easy, and efficient. P2PB2B users can buy these tokens on Token Sale without going through registration on the external exchange and even without KYC or other types of identity verification. When the IDO NFT project gets to the IDO calendar, it gets even more new investors.

To have your NFT launch IDO (or really, any DeFi launch in that case), a user should apply for Whitelist IDO, win the lottery, attach their wallet and buy some tokens ‒ the amount of them is regulated by the IDO project individually.

Benefits of an IDO on P2PB2B

Fast listing opportunity on CEX and DEX

We list projects during less than 3 days (for ERC-20, TRON, and EOS)

Additional services for further growth

Marketing and PR, Trade Marketing, listing on other exchanges - we help to develop your project before, during, and after IDO

Active CEX Exchange audience

We announce launching of your IDO with all available channels
Don’t wait for your turn for days with other launchpads, our expert will contact you in 1 hour after request!

How to apply to IDO crypto?

The main issue with IDO crypto on most platforms is their oversaturation with these projects. The demand is huge ‒ some developers might not even get answers to their questions and even requests. For some platforms the main issue is with IDO meaning crypto should go through a few tedious verification stages ‒ not “duh, it’s another whitepaper check that will take eons” but more of “longer application form and more requirements than it should be”.

We on P2PB2B don’t work like that. Instead, we don’t ask for an application form at all for your NFT launch, play to earn IDO or any other crypto project. All you have to do on our launchpad is fill out the contact form, accept the call from our team that will interview you about the project for a bit, and then start raising funds. To get you to whitelist IDO, we ask only relevant questions and make sure the time is not getting wasted ‒ you’ll receive a message in your messenger of choice usually within 1 hour after filling out the contact form. Our team works 24/7 so we will respond as quickly as possible.

P2PB2B launchpad is your best and the fastest way to bring your IDO NFT or any other IDO project to success, or level up your crypto game. And while we’re only a mediator and can’t guarantee a certain number of funds to be raised during IDO, we do everything to level up your IDO game. We make the application process easier and faster and aim for your comfort during the Token sale. Our services include both promotion and integration ‒ this is the best path for crypto development that you can choose.

See your token or cryptosystem making it to the listing in no time. We offer the best conditions to set your token higher up in the Cryptorank IDO list ‒ launching with P2PB2B is really fast and easy.

Apply for IDO Launchpad

Road map IDO on P2PB2B

Your request

Consultation with a BD expert

Development plan creation

Work with a IDO team

Launch of IDO

* Additional services such as marketing & PR, trade marketing and so on are recommended for attracting new users.

How to multiply IDO results?

P2PB2B offers you multiple solutions to reinforce all the achievements your project receives during its IDO. You can simply go for a listing, or try some advanced strategies in addition ‒ we’ll deliver the best results even there.

With our IDO launchpad, you can promote your token to P2PB2B’s big internal community while also launching a creative external promo. Your project will have its personal listing team and our Business Development team will also help you to grow your crypto business even bigger. Between filling out our contact form and making it to the listing you won’t spend longer than a few days ‒ that’s more convenient than working with DEX IDO crypto platforms.

We offer full-cycle marketing services for your crypto projects:

  • SMM with high ER rates;
  • PR promotion via crypto media with targeting the audience, creating the content, and placing it on relevant media platforms;
  • Telegram and Twitter promotion ‒ creating a community with detailed reports for users;
  • Hidden marketing ‒ creating dialogues about your NFT launch in Twitter and Telegram communities;
  • YouTube advertising and influencer marketing promotion including scenario creation.