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What is Сrypto Launchpad—Сomprehensive guide

What is Сrypto Launchpad—Сomprehensive guide

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16 Feb 2023
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A cryptocurrency needs a platform to promote and share info about it to allow the audience to profitably swap, trade, and purchase the token. Launchpads are exactly such platforms.

If you regularly deal with digital assets, you have probably heard about launchpads. But if not, P2B will explain what is a launchpad in crypto.

What is a Launchpad in crypto?

Regarding the launchpad crypto meaning, a launchpad is a platform that helps startups from a crypto launchpad list do fundraising for further development.

What is a crypto launchpad?

Besides attracting investments, launchpads create a specific community network around crypto launchpad projects. The collected funds are used to launch a crypto project. In addition, it allows you to create a crypto community that brings founders, developers, and investors together at an early stage of the project.

Developers receive funds to help them continue further work on the crypto exchange. Investors can hope for good returns on what they pay in the future, being among the first to get access to a new token. It is how launchpads work. It is worth carefully checking the future project for such collaboration to benefit the community of investors.

Is a crypto launchpad safe?

The verification of such startups aims to ensure that the new token or coin works. That is why crypto launchpads are primarily created for the investors’ safety. The best launchpads want to cooperate only with proven crypto launchpad projects and invest in them. 

Such safe launchpad crypto platforms use multilevel security (Tiers 1–4, accordingly). Launchpads allow the token price to “fly up” and investors to earn. It is a part of how crypto launchpads work.

About IDO

During 2021, launchpad has rapidly evolved to become one of the most popular ways to gain access to new crypto projects through a process known as Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on decentralized exchanges. The teams of the crypto exchanges offering the best crypto launchpad choose the best promising startups from the crypto launchpad list and conduct a sale of their coins, which allows you to weed out scam projects.

Such exchanges manually select startups at an early stage and then open a round of funding for their users before they appear on the crypto launchpad list on other exchanges. Tokens are sold relatively cheaply and become available not immediately but according to a predetermined schedule.

About IEO

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) became famous in 2018-2019. During IEO, an exchange takes on a considerable part of the work. It already has the necessary infrastructure for launching, an audience, and advertising channels. In return, it receives commissions or coins.

For the crypto platform, IEO is an opportunity to earn extra money and get new customers who will come for the sake of a promising token sale. Participating in IEO is extremely simple for investors – you just need to register on the exchange.

This method of raising funds is mutually beneficial for both exchanges and token issuers. Despite the seemingly high costs for organizers, IEOs increase the chances of token success in the long run.

Typical features of launchpads

Also, the best launchpad crypto platforms can vary considerably in their work. But most launchpads share the following standard features:

  1. Participants must have, and possibly stake, a minimum number of native platform tokens.
  2. Users are tiered based on the number of saved or pinned blockchain tokens. Higher levels typically receive larger allocations, better access to launchpad crypto projects, and fewer non-essential requirements.
  3. Teams of the launchpads select only high-quality startups that will bring profit to investors.

The crypto launchpad landscape is incredibly diverse, with dozens of crypto presale launchpad platforms available now. Many focus on launchpad projects running on a particular blockchain network. Others focus on specific sectors or niches such as NFTs, DeFi, games, or metaverse projects.

Advantages of Launchpad on P2B

The benefits of the P2B safe launchpad crypto are:

  • Chance to participate in the project and purchase at competitive prices. It can bring significant profits over the long term;
  • Attention to new crypto launchpad projects and creating a broad audience. It is a different commerce platform that permits to encourage more investment rounds in developing projects;
  • Safety for both parties;
  • Clarity, transparency, and accessibility.

The P2B exchange tests the project during the IEO process, so fraud cases are 99,99% excluded. And there is no need to wait for the crypto launchpad listing – only investment risks remain.

IEO is an excellent opportunity to earn extra money for a further product and get new customers who will come for a profitable sale. Participating in IEO is straightforward for investors and requires registration.

What is a launchpad crypto on P2B?

Being one of the best launchpad cryptos, we promote IEO on external platforms and the P2B exchange. We send out letters to verified P2B clients. And last but not least, we also have an AMA session, one of the most effective ways to improve customer and company relationships.

Unlike ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and IEO, where investors first invest in coins, and then this token or coin lists on the exchange, in IDO, the initial sale of coins and their listing occur almost simultaneously. The primary distinction between these fundraising rounds is that an exchange does not need to confirm applications for IDO.

The advantage of IDO on the P2B top crypto launchpad is that we make it easy to attract investments. IDO launchpads are suitable for DeFi, NFT, and Play-to-Earn projects with a combination of launchpad crypto gaming. We release promos for the P2B community. Another benefit of IDO for traders is that registration is optional.

How to Participate in Crypto Launchpad on P2B

What is a launchpad crypto? We bet you know already! Now it is time to move forward and get the opportunity to understand how to take part in the best launchpad for crypto on P2B. Traders turn to launchpads when they need information about new tokens. And blockchain startups come to the platforms to make themselves known. Launchpads select the most promising launchpad crypto projects and place them on the platform.

The P2B exchange takes on several functions and takes the load off the crypto team:

Any user of a crypto exchange that supports this model can participate in IEO. The coins purchased during IEO will immediately go to your crypto wallet.

With P2B, the sale of coins within IDO passes through smart contracts and the ready-made infrastructure of the CEX platforms. It is faster and cheaper than decentralized exchanges. Almost any project has the opportunity to raise funds.

Difference between IEO and IDO on our exchange

IEO and IDO help collect investments in crypto launchpad projects. They increase the popularity of the token and help it trade successfully. Both methods require meticulous planning and promotion.

How does the IEO launchpad crypto differ from the IDO launchpad?

For founders, launching an IEO is an easy and sure way to get the first investment, thanks to proper promotion and the absence of technical barriers. A P2B exchange manages everything from promoting a token or coin to the crypto listing process and implementing an effective marketing strategy.

With IEO, launchpad crypto projects are more likely to attract investors. We will determine the best solution for establishing IEO and handle everything your token needs. IDO crypto launchpads have a significant difference compared to IEO. It is carried out on decentralized exchanges. 

With P2B launchpads, you can quickly launch your IDO on CEX to grow your community, find a new audience who will invest money, and attract them most conveniently. If you want detailed information on how to buy launchpad crypto service, just follow the link! 

By applying for IDO on the P2B crypto exchange, your crypto launchpad projects will receive the following:

  1. Multiple IDO announcement channels. We will engage a 300K+ audience to inform everyone about your launchpad crypto projects.
  2. We are implementing an effective promotion strategy for an investor audience inside and outside the exchange.
  3. P2B guarantees a Tier 2 level of security to your startups in the top crypto launchpad.
  4. 1-3 days before listing after IDO fundraising.

Final thoughts

What are crypto launchpads in general? Organizers of crypto startups, founders, and developers rarely spend their funds on project development. Third-party investors are attracted. These sites are suitable for the following:

  • beginners in the world of cryptocurrency;
  • traders and advanced investors;
  • large institutional investors (whales);
  • for those who want to discover new ways of earning.

It is worth remembering that cryptocurrencies are associated with risk. Even the most reliable, safe launchpad crypto projects do not guarantee high returns.

Cryptocurrency launchpads are the perfect way to achieve investment security and gain significant investments.

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