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How to find the best altcoins before their listing?

How to find the best altcoins before their listing?

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13 Mar 2023
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In this extensive guideline, you will learn how to search for the best altcoins to invest in 2023. Before listing on the P2B exchange, all the coins go through several stages you learn in this article.

When crypto enthusiasts launch a new crypto project, they must finance it. For this, they arrange ICO, IDO, or IEO. They have a little difference, but the core is the same. It means raising funds through an initial public offering (IPO).

However, initially, a crypto startup involves private investors in its project. After that, a crypto startup launches a presale that precedes the initial coin offering.

In conclusion, while crypto startups issue their altcoins, they need to go through three main stages:

  • Involving large private investors who typically can invest large amounts of money;
  • Holding presale ICO, which is open to the public but usually allocates a little of available spaces;
  • Holding the main ICO publicly but raising much more than the presale ICO.

How to invest in altcoins properly?

Before investing your money in the most profitable crypto projects, you must think of how to find the best presale or ICO. This is the most important part of your investment in the best altcoins 2023. We need to emphasize that the Internet is overwhelmed with crypto products for different tastes and services that are difficult for crypto projects to get the word out to an extensive audience of customers.

However, there are many ways to find the best altcoins for 2023 before their listing on exchanges. The best way to invest and profit from altcoin trading is to find the best Bitcoin alternative ICO before listing.

Is Ethereum an altcoin?

This is one of the most popular questions among newcomers in the crypto world. Ether is one more altcoin. However, it’s not forked from Bitcoin. It was developed by Vitalik Buterin, Dr. Gavin Wood, and others. Ether (ETH) is a cryptocurrency used to pay Ethereum network participants for the transaction’s validation.

How to find the best alt coins presale or ICO?

While learning how to purchase an altcoin before its launch, the essential part is searching for the most profitable and reliable presale or ICO. Here, you can become a victim of such popular scams promising golden mountains without completing their promises and disappearing after raising funds. So, where to find the most reliable alt coin list?


The first place you need to visit to find the best altcoins to buy now is the Reddit platform. This is a platform for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, and it’s often the go-to place to discuss new projects.

Indeed, you can find here a specific sub-Reddit named r/CryptoMoonShots which currently contains more than 1.8 million members. This is the place for the latest crypto projects to announce their upcoming presale or ICO details. In this section, you will find the best altcoins to invest in before their listing at worldwide exchanges.

On this platform, you will find essential information about top altcoins 2023:

  • the main concept and purposes of the crypto project;
  • details of the ICO conditions;
  • the new altcoin price when it goes through the listing;
  • the team that launched a new altcoin;
  • external links to the project’s whitepaper, website, and Telegram group.

In addition, don’t forget that this is really a popular platform for scammers. In other words, while being the most popular platform for crypto enthusiasts to promote their crypto altcoins, this is also the best place for scamming investors.

Explore Telegram groups to find alt coins to invest in

One more effective way to find the best alt coins is by exploring diverse presale Telegram groups. Crypto enthusiasts create these Telegram communities to inform members about the conditions of presales and ICOs. In Telegram, you will find two types of groups. The first is groups listing new altcoins’ ICO offered by the group’s admin. Here, you find the name of the best Bitcoin competitors, the date and time of the ICO, and the link to the trustworthy ICOs.

The second one is groups announcing credible and legitimate ICOs.

CoinMarketCap ICO Calendar

One more option to find new alt coins to buy at the presale or ICO stages is the CoinMarketCap ICO Calendar. The calendar showcases altcoin news about the ICO start and end date and, in some cases, the required fundraising target.

The difference between ICO and Presale

Before searching for the most trustworthy altcoins to buy now, let’s determine the difference between ICO and presale.

People very often confuse these two concepts. Let’s consider the main differences between them:

  • The presale ICO is held before the main ICO. The Presale ICO offers a more limited number of tokens than the main ICO. The price per token is usually lower than at the main ICO stage. So, if you are looking for the best place where to buy new altcoins, this is a great chance for profitable altcoin investing.
  • When the presale ICO is finished, and the hard cap target is reached, the cryptо startup launches the main ICO stage. The price per token is higher at this stage than at the presale stage.
  • However, ICO offers much more tokens than at the presale stage. Therefore more investors can invest in the best altcoin.

What is the difference between public and private crypto presales?

While exploring what altcoins to buy now before its launch, it’s essential to know that initially, coin projects are intended to involve large private investors. The private sale process offers the lowest price possible when angel investors or venture capitalists buy altcoins. The private sale investor must invest a sizable amount of capital into the newly launched altcoin with the most potential. When it comes to the best new alt coins during the private sale, the amount spent can be different, but usually, it consists of at least five figures. Moreover, private sale includes a lot of conditions. All the investors must go through the vesting period, during which they can’t cash out their cheapest altcoins.

As usual, the vesting period is divided into several stages. This ensures the investor won’t dump their entire holdings as soon as the vesting period goes.

In addition, we need to emphasize some public presale ICOs also implement a vesting period to prevent buyers of coins from dumping the entire holdings. That’s why pay attention to the conditions of a presale ICO before investing in cryptocurrency projects.

So, looking for the best altcoins to invest in 2023? We have prepared top crypto projects in 2023 in which you can invest your money.

Top 10 altcoins to invest in 2023

If you don’t know what altcoins to invest in, then look through this list of the best altcoins right now.

  1. Fight out

Fight out is one of the most popular altcoins that will explode. $FGHT takes first place on the list of best alt coins to invest in 2023 and has already raised $4.5 million in its presale. The main purpose of one of the best new crypto projects is to revolutionize the move-to-earn space, and it has designed a fitness app. In the future, the crypto startup is going to build real-world gyms.

One of the best alt crypto to buy, $FGHT is listed on exchanges in Q1 of 2023, just after its presale ends. Investors prefer scarce assets. This is one of the best alt coins to invest in because it will become a scarce asset after listing, with only 5% of the total token supply allocated to liquidity.

Once $FGHT starts to be traded on exchanges, demand for the best altcoin to buy will increase because of the limited availability amongst the numerous investors. To avoid high prices, you should buy one of the best altcoins to invest in at the presale stage.

This altcoin cryptocurrency price grows every 12 hours, but investors also get bonuses depending on their investment and vesting period. Early investors will own an altcoin that intrinsically appreciates. One of the best alt coin to buy now will cost $0.0333 by the time the presale ends and potentially provides epic returns during its ICO. The presale of one of the best alt coins to buy ends on Mar 31, 2023.

  1. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge (CCHG) belongs to the best new altcoins to invest in and is a new-age payments app enabling mass adoption of carbon credits by rewarding EV owners for charging their vehicles. This promising altcoin app project has already raised over $1.1 million since its launch.

$CCHG belongs to the top altcoins to buy now. Investors can purchase alt coins at only $0.017 per coin at the 4th stage of ICO. At the final stage, ICO will offer cryptocurrency altcoins for $0.0235. In addition, one crypto whale has considered CCHG altcoins with most potential and purchased CCHG, which is equal to $100,000 at the first stage of ICO. At the moment of writing the article, the crypto project has raised $1,518,352.42.

$CCHG can become the most popular altcoins in 2023 since the crypto project has identified gaps in the EV charging payments industry and designed a solid structure for rewarding EV drivers with carbon credits.

If you are interested in where to find the best new altcoins to invest in, you can invest in this crypto project. EV owners can offset their carbon footprint by applying $CCHG to pay for charging their EVs.

  1. Metropoly

Metropoly takes third place in the top 10 altcoins. With Metropoly, anybody can invest in the global real estate market for as little as $100. This crypto project allows for overcoming barriers in the real estate business and makes it accessible for investors with different income levels. Metropoly is the world’s first NFT marketplace. METRO is one of the newest altcoins that is 100% supported by real-world properties. The platform’s main purpose is to revolutionize the real estate market by tokenizing real estate properties into NFTs. Therefore it belongs to the best altcoins to buy in 2023.

The 9th stage of ICO is ongoing, and $534,045.75, 54% of the minimum goal, has been raised. At the moment of writing the article, the price of top altcoins to invest in is $0,06.

  1. RobotEra

Looking for the newest alt coins? RobotEra is top metaverse crypto 2023. If you don’t know what altcoin to buy, pay attention to TARO. This is a native token of the RobotEra metaverse-based gaming platform.

You can buy Robots with TARO – the in-game NFT avatars providing NFT avatars with access to the RobotEra ecosystem. In addition, with TARO, one of the best top alt coins, you can buy Land NFTs. On the TARO planet, you will find seven diverse continents with unique attributes and characteristics.

Now its ICO is undergoing. The presale stage is the best place to buy altcoins. On presale, investors can buy 270 million best cheap altcoins. Each presale round will list 90 million altcoins to invest in to raise $6.93 million in total. TARO is priced at 0.020 USDT per token in the first presale stage. Presale 1 ends soon.

  1. Calvaria

RIA is one of the top 7 altcoins to buy in 2023. Calvaria is a unique project. Its presale was so successful because of its varied offerings. While the presale is over, investors can still consider the token and its strong potential for long-term growth.

Calvaria is a new Play-to-Earn card game that can build a bridge between the real world and crypto. This is a fun and accessible game that wins a lot of competitors in the gaming industry since it offers a sustainable and rewarding tokenomics model. So, RIA is the best altcoin to buy now.

If you are looking where one of the best altcoins to buy today, you can visit the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Calvaria, including LBank, Uniswap (V3), and BKEX.

  1. Tamadoge – Top New Meme Coin Project Pumping in 2023

Tamadoge is an upcoming play-to-earn and meme coin ecosystem with metaverse aspects in which players earn TAMA during the game. TAMA is one of the best altcoins you can invest in 2023. The best metaverse crypto 2023 has become popular due to numerous announcements, including two Tamadoge Arcade games release and the appointment of a new CEO.

Super Doge and Rocket Doge are fun and addictive old-school platform games where gamers gather coins and compete for weekly and monthly prizes. Super Doge and Rocket Doge are the two first games of five Tamadoge Arcade games to be released. In the main game resembling Tamagotchi, gamers can purchase NFTs to feed their pets and take care of them.

If you don’t know which altcoin to buy, then choose TAMA. It’s a popular altcoin to buy now due to the promising metaverse gaming project that involves new and new gamers.

In 2022, TAMA, one of the best altcoins for long term investment, raised $19 million at its presale before listing on the OKX exchange, where it took off to an all-time high of $0.194 – a 2,000% increase from its presale price. Therefore, this is one of the best ICOs of 2022.

If you’d like to know where to buy altcoins, visit the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including  OKX, Deepcoin, Bitget, XT.COM, and BitMart.

  1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new upcoming ICO on LBank, the best place where to buy alt coins.

When the IDO was launched on the best crypto exchange for altcoins, PancakeSwap, the IBAT raised 450% since the first day of listing. In 2023, one of the best altcoin investments can be Battlle Infinity. It was listed as LBank on Aug 26, 2022. Now you can buy it on MEXC, LBank, and PancakeSwap (V2), the best platform for altcoins.

This upcoming project promises to be successful due to the combination of P2E gaming with a rich virtual world that provides income generation and community-building scope. Moreover, Battle Infinity’s ecosystem also contains DeFi elements enabling everybody to join the crypto project.

IBAT is one of the best altcoins to buy today since the crypto platform contains six components, each offering a unique use case. IBAT Premier League is a fantasy sports league component of Battle Infinity, which is blockchain-based and uses NFTs. Within this league, users create their teams and earn points on real-world performances.

  1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a market-leading new crypto casino where players can bet on many games and get welcome bonuses. Therefore LBLOCK belongs to the best alt coins to buy in 2023.

The native LBLOCK token, what is the best altcoin to buy right now, is added as a payment option on the casino. LBLOCK tokens are also deflationary, with a 1% rolling monthly burn. It means that they will become more scarce and valuable over time.

Anybody can sign to the online casino by going through the KYC verification. At the online casino, players can use Bitcoin and a wide list of altcoins to start the game without fees and limits on deposits or withdrawals. A minimum deposit is $1. Newcomers can earn up to 15% cashback on losses for the first week.

Lucky Block offers more than 2,700 slot games, like classic casino games, including poker, blackjack, and roulette, with virtual and live dealers.

The best way to buy altcoins is to visit the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading, including, MEXC, and Uniswap (V3).

  1. VisaMetaFi

VisaMetaFi is a decentralized crypto-payment system used across blockchain-based platforms and online merchants, including Web, DeFi, DAO, Metaverse, and MetaFi. People can use the MetaFi visa card for both real and virtual worlds. The ICO of the token started on Jul 1, 2022, and ended on Jul 15, 2022. Its ICO price was $0.000009.

Using VisaMetaFi, people can transfer alternative cryptocurrencies to any part of the world without paying transaction fees.

Customers don’t need to swap digital coins or convert cryptocurrencies to fiat to make a payment. VisaMetaFi processes payments. In addition, the company has partnered with many merchants, including, Now Payments, Wise, etc. You can buy VISA at PancakeSwap (V2), what is an altcoin exchange.

  1. Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends is a pay-to-earn game with a digital token. This game allows users to access mining, adventures, challenges, battles, and more. During the game, gamers create teams to earn NFTs as rewards.

Newcomers can participate in this game without paying anything since it offers one free NFT. However, further, gamers will need to purchase NFTs using CLEG tokens. The total supply of CLEG is 1 billion.

Today’s live CLEG price is $0.010057, with a 24-hour trading volume of $36,757.90. At the moment of writing the article, a live market cap is $474,218. Suppose you are looking for the best place to buy alt coins at the current rate. In that case, you can visit the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading, including XT.COM, Coinsbit, Azbit, PancakeSwap (V2), and Bilaxy.


The best way to buy alt coins with the most potential is to participate in their presales or ICO offering the lowest prices and the most profitable conditions to buy altcoins.

If you are looking for which alt coins to invest in before their listing, you should visit Reddit. This trustworthy platform provides visitors with important information on upcoming presales or ICOs. In a specific sub-Reddit, you will find a lot of useful information about the latest altcoins to invest in, including the main concept and purposes of the crypto project, ICO conditions, the team that launched a new altcoin, and much more.

In addition, you can visit diverse presale Telegram groups to find top altcoins. Owners of crypto projects create these Telegram communities to inform members about the conditions of presales and ICOs.

If you’d like to know what are the best altcoins to invest in 2023, then pay attention to top crypto projects before their listing on the most popular crypto exchanges, including Fight out, C+Charge, Metropoly, and RobotEra. If you are looking for the best alt coins to buy now that have gone through the listing, visit the P2B exchange.


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