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Airdrops and how to get most of them

Airdrops and how to get most of them

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31 Mar 2023
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Do you want to find out how to get tokens easily before the launch of IEO or IDO? Learn about the airdrop as one of the most popular ways to get new promising tokens without paying for them. Fulfilling different marketing and promotion tasks for crypto projects, you get tokens that will be offered to traders on ICO or IEO later on. Let’s consider their particularities! 

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How to get tokens for participating in airdrops

In general, a principle of airdrops presumes a free discount card the company sends to your email to promote some product or service. However, a crypto airdrop isn’t about making the recipient spend money but rather enhancing the popularity of new crypto projects and tokens.

The main goal of launching an airdrop is to promote the crypto projects and their tokens. You can earn coins for different activities, and the project’s team can enhance the popularity of their tokens from the first day of their issue. Airdrop participants are motivated to enhance the project awareness among the community and ensure the project reaches a broader audience once the token is available for trading on the exchange. The better promotion of the token is, the higher demand will arise and result in a higher price at the exchange.

Airdrops cause the distribution of tokens as a reward for fulfilling tasks, including promoting the project on a website, cryptocurrency forums, and social media.

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Legitimate crypto airdrops will never ask users to invest in the crypto project. Instead, this is how to stand out among competitors looking for external funding before issuing their tokens.

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Various airdrop mechanics

  • Users must complete different types of social interaction tasks, including writing posts on social networks about the ICO, sharing posts, writing articles, and much more to receive the airdrop coins later.
  • Holders of a particular asset or balance on the blockchain where the airdrop will occur also get tokens during the automatic distribution. For instance, every address with a 0.01 ether or higher balance gets the airdrop.
  • Users get the airdrop tokens from the project’s website through a smart contract while taking a blockchain snapshot at a previous date.

Risks connected with airdrops

Despite the popularity, crypto airdrops may cause a portion of the risk. Since users get “free money” in their wallets, these funds can be pump-and-dump schemes. On the other hand, the crypto startup issues a token and creates hype surrounding it to have it listed on an exchange. Once trading begins, the crypto project will sell its sizable portion of tokens, crashing the price.

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During airdrops, the potential hazard can hide in the so-called dusting attack. A scammer can send a small amount of cryptocurrency to an unsuspecting user to break their privacy. After that, the hacker will track the transaction activity of the tokens and find out the private info of the person or company operating the wallet.

So, you need to participate in airdrops offered by reliable crypto projects and exchanges to avoid scams or hacking attacks

Participate in airdrops

As an investor, you can also get a portion of tokens issued by the new crypto project while completing particular tasks in the social networks. These tasks can be different and include writing marketing articles, posts on social networks, reposts, promoting posts about a cryptocurrency, etc. 

Moreover, holders of tokens can get tokens automatically or via smart contracts taking a blockchain snapshot at a previous date. We offer our customers to participate in airdrops provided occasionally by the P2B exchange. Participating in airdrops on the P2B exchange is reliable and safe. 

So, don’t hesitate and join the top airdrops of the most promising tokens. You can get them for completing tasks and then sell them for a high price after listing.

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