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The rewarded effort: P2B got into the top 25 on CMC!

The rewarded effort: P2B got into the top 25 on CMC!

31 Jan 2023
2 min

The appreciation from our traders and projects listed on our exchange, technical improvements and innovations, and security updates move P2B up and up on the rating of CMC. Recently we hit 25th place on this rating, and it’s a complete record for our exchange for the last three years.

We’ll briefly describe how we reached such results even during the hard, long, and stressful 2022.

How we hiked from 40th to 25th place on CMC during the crypto winter

We won’t mention another tour of horrifying events that stroke the crypto market in 2022; you already know them. But our exchange deals with any instabilities because of its’ design. 

  • We never risk our traders’ funds. They stay untouchable on the wallets and can be operated by the owner’s will. 
  • We concentrate on developing incoming projects on the exchange, serving them first-class business analytics and crypto promotion. Our specialists understand that the profitability of listed projects directly influences our stability as a platform. 
  • We care about the technical capabilities of our exchange. We make it possible to list and launch on IEO/IDO up to six projects based on classic and custom blockchains simultaneously with no harm to the outcome.
  • We invest in our community: regular news updates, exciting trends discoveries, AMA sessions, coin/token reviews, and other content make our community excited and less distressed than the general public on the market.
  • Also, we’ve invested a lot into developing new liquidity tools for our clients. Now, each project can get the best-selling and buying experience for their token/coin on our exchange.

To sum up, we raised 120 points at CMC within 20 months due to our growth strategy:

  • Growing token variety for listing (200+ at the current moment)
  • 30+ new projects listed or launched each month
  • Full-stack crypto marketing support provided by a trusted partner
  • Enhanced liquidity management for any project entering the market in partnership with the niche liquidity provider

After three years of track record, P2B Crypto Exchange has become among TOP-3 fast-growing platforms according to CMC rating.

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