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How to pass KYC on the exchange?

04 May 2022

The “Know your customer” procedure is a common practice that has a very important meaning in the finance sector. KYC in crypto has a set of standards that help to verify customers, their risk profiles, and financial profile before the time that they start trading.

The verification process ensures account security and gives you full access to all services. You can deposit, withdraw funds, trade, participate in gamifications with a verified account only. Read more about P2P2B2B verification in this article.

  1. Firstly,  go to the profile’s tab and click on the “Get full access” button to start verification.KYC crypto
  2. Add a suitable document following the next instructions:
  • Original full-size, unedited documents;
  • Readable, well-lit images with no shadows and glare;
  • No black and white photo of documents;
  • No edited or expired documents.

    kyc meaning
  1. Then, take a selfie and confirm this step.
    Photo requirements:
  •  no shadows;
  •  face the camera in the photo;
  •  a neutral expression;
  •  both eyes open;
  •  not any worn electronic devices;
  •  no hat on;
  •  no eyeglasses except for medical reasons.p2pb2b verification process 

That’s all! You will be notified in your profile, when your request will be processed. Also, you will receive the letter with the result by email.  

As soon as your account is verified, you may enjoy all of the services and features of our exchange. Let’s add funds to your account and start trading!

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