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Earning with P2B

Earning with P2B

23 Jun 2022

Earning features on P2B can be a lucrative source of income in the long run. Such holdings not only make passive income due to different options of earning but also rapidly increase in value under bull market conditions.

On the exchange you can choose between four options:

  • Locked Earning
  • Flexible Earning
  • Earning Pool

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best ways to earn free crypto, let’s get into the details and explain each method thoroughly. 

Locked Earning

locked earning p2pb2b

This feature allows you to deposit and hold popular cryptocurrencies such as BUSD, USDT, and others to get a profit at the end of the earning period. Available programs with 7, 14, 30, 90 days terms give the opportunity to gain the highest interest. So, the longer period is higher the interest that you receive. Keep in mind that the deposit amount is not restricted, but your cryptos are unavailable for withdrawal before the program ends.

Flexible Earning

flexible earning p2pb2b

In contrast to locked earning, flexible earning gets your profit daily. So, the longer period of using this program the higher your income. Besides that, you can close your flexible earning program any day and instantly withdraw your crypto to the account. As the previous option, the deposit amount is not restricted but has a minimum amount.

Earning Pool

earning pool p2pb2b

There you can find new prospective cryptos and their earning program. The main differences are: 

  • The deposit amount has a minimum and maximum limits;
  • The period of the program is limited;
  • Withdrawals are unavailable before the program ends;
  • You get rewards in project tokens;
  • All conditions are set out by the projects. 

As you can see, finding ways to earn free crypto with the P2B exchange isn’t that hard, you just have to search for the method that suits you best. 

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