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8 The Most Popular Questions About Crypto Listings

8 The Most Popular Questions About Crypto Listings

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16 Sep 2022
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The path your project has to go through until you can list its crypto token is a long journey. And sometimes, it can be challenging to understand every critical bit about crypto listings ‒ especially with so many crypto exchange platforms making different offers.

We’ve gathered the eight most popular questions our clients ask about crypto listings ‒ some of the answers might be just what you need.

#1 How much does it cost to launch crypto?

The cost of creating and launching your own cryptocurrency heavily depends on a few factors:

  • your ultimate goals;
  • your technical opportunities;
  • the launchpad and crypto exchange platform you’re aiming at.

The final price might be from $10 000 to $50 000, but in some cases, you might have to spend more. It all really depends on how much insight you have. Launching your own crypto is a long process where every stage requires certain spendings. Suppose you have both the knowledge and technical abilities to implement it. In that case, the price will eventually be lower because you will be less likely to hire crypto professionals to do it for you.

#2 What is listing in cryptocurrency?

Listing is the stage of a certain cryptocurrency development where it can be easily traded by crypto exchange users.

In other words, when you list your cryptocurrency, it becomes available for trading on a certain exchange. That’s proof that this coin has liquidity and can be exchanged for other crypto coins.

#3 Where can I list my coin?

Any trusted crypto exchange platform is good for crypto listing

Any trusted crypto exchange platform is good for crypto listing. Of course, tier 1 platforms are widely popular and have millions of users. Just like with other platforms, they allow you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other altcoins in massive amounts. Tier 1 platforms might be the ultimate goal to list at, but for a successful start, you can conquer tier 2 exchanges first ‒ they have a smaller but more loyal community. P2B is an excellent example of that platform.

#4 What is the best crypto exchange platform?

No single best crypto exchange platform has a monopoly on traders’ attention. Sure, there are big and older exchanges like Kraken, Binance, and OKEx ‒ they have their audience and a pool of traders. But smaller exchanges do so, as well! For listing cryptocurrencies, the best starting point is a tier 2 crypto exchange, although you can easily aim for a tier 1 platform.

#5 How to list your own cryptocurrency on exchange?

Listing your own cryptocurrency in some cases might be a long process, but we at P2B can do it within 3 days for projects that run on popular blockchain solutions. 

First, you must make sure your crypto project falls under licensing requirements ‒ you might want to hire a crypto advisor.

Next, you have to make sure you have enough funds to list the coin ‒ including all the services that come along (marketing and market-making, for example). If these two requirements are met, you’re good to go.

The main goal here is to find an appropriate crypto exchange and apply for listing on a few platforms for better liquidity.

Now you have to make sure the transactions are going through smoothly. For that, you have to connect your coin to the payment processor and secure it.

That’s it ‒ now you are ready to launch your crypto and see how it goes on the particular platform!

P.S.: don’t forget must-haves that improve your results ‒ marketing, market-making, and promotion strategy.

#6 How hard is it to get listed on Binance?

Listing on Binance can be pretty difficult as this is a huge tier-one crypto exchange platform with enormous competition. However, listing there is not entirely impossible ‒ you just have to start at tier 2 exchanges.

Tier 1 crypto exchanges tend to have too many listing requirements that a lot of crypto projects can’t fulfill at their start. It’s only logical to start your crypto project’s journey on a tier 2 exchange ‒ they tend to have a smaller, but a more loyal community and more opportunities to reach success. You can list your coin on P2B, and then, after it gets more recognition and value, join Binance or any other tier 1 exchange.

#7 How much does it cost to list crypto on an exchange?

Different crypto exchange platforms have different fees and different listing opportunities

Listing can cost you a lot, depending on the platform you choose. According to statistics, the cost of listing can be up to $1 million. It all depends on the platform you choose as some tier 1 platforms claim their listing costs to be pretty high.

Different crypto exchange platforms have different fees and different listing opportunities. Tier 2 crypto exchanges have more affordable prices (up to $20 000 in average)‒ it makes sense to start there rather than aiming for tier 1 exchange and spending way too much. Some platforms have better access to quick liquidity, and some also allow fiat to crypto conversions, which is a completely different financial level.

#8 How to get listed on CoinMarketCap?

The only way to get listed anywhere is to apply for submission on the platform’s official website, and CoinMarketCap is no different in this case ‒ your project has to meet some requirements CoinmarketCap has for listings. For example, a crypto project should be listed on two exchanges, has strong trading volume and liquidity. You can make your project fit these requirements on your own, or, as an alternative, ask for the exchange for the audit.

But getting listed is just the starting point for your crypto coin’s journey. It’s even more important to retain the traders’ attention and remain popular. Holding a place in crypto rating is a challenge, and many factors decide the outcome. The most prominent one is, of course, the choice of the crypto platform.

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Final thoughts

Crypto listing is quite a journey with its own highs and lows. However, if you create a good crypto listing strategy, things will go easier. Moreover, the crypto exchange you choose for your first listing can benefit you with additional services.

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