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What is XTR Coin?

16 Jun 2022
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XTR Coin

XTR coin is a token created as part of the Xtremcoin project, a platform for fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange. This open-source project is the brainchild of the Turkish company Geliyo. This company specializes in creating Blockchain solutions, allowing users to use cryptocurrency more manageably and efficiently. Xtremcoin is one of them, and it offers users to perform crypto transactions using wireless devices such as rings, bracelets, and glasses equipped with NFC chips. Its idea is to popularize the use of cryptocurrency by providing options to pay offline. Thanks to Xtremcoin’s unique closed-loop system, its users can conduct cryptocurrency trading at exchanges nationwide. Moreover, if a user pays commission with an XTR coin, its amount is significantly reduced.

You can always track the XTR  price at Coinmarketcap.

What Else Can I do with XTR Coins?

In addition to more favorable cryptocurrency exchange terms on the Xtremcoin crypto platform, XTR Coins holders can participate in various savings and deposit campaigns, use it in cross-platform Defi applications, and purchase NFT tokens on multiple platforms. And, of course, you pay as a cool man using stylish accessories developed by Xtremcoin in collaboration with Simplex. 

Features of the Xtremcoin Crypto Platform

  • Xtremcoin complies with BEP-20 and ERC 20 token standards.  
  • The crypto platform uses decentralized peer-to-peer connections and anonymous accounts with 2FA security options to provide its users with the highest level of financial security.
  • Xtremcoin offers users the following functionality: conducting both incoming and outgoing transactions with different cryptocurrencies, not only XTR. User-friendly UI provides complete information about the wallet status via informative charts and graphs. The platform also has a bank worker account feature.
  • Xtremcoin is open to cooperation with both private entrepreneurs and legal entities. If a business meets all the requirements, it becomes a local partner of the crypto platform. As a result, it gets full access to the trading functionality of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Sum it up

XTR is already four years old project, and aims to develop the culture of cryptocurrency use in the world, both in the digital space and offline. The idea of using wireless devices for transactions is still a great marketing move. We recommend not losing sight of it.


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