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Business Insights Weekly Crypto Market News / Nov 30–Dec 6

Weekly Crypto Market News / Nov 30–Dec 6

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06 Dec 2022
Weekly Crypto News 19 25 Dec
  • Ripple has sent the latest documents to the court and is waiting for an early victorious decision
    Read more: Official documentation
  • Chinese court recognized NFTs as virtual property
    Read more: News from @WuBlockchain
  • Caroline Allison, CEO of Alameda, quietly drinking coffee in New York ️
    According to one version, she returned to the United States to be the first to agree with the investigation and hang everything on curly-haired Sam. Meanwhile, Sam is delaying his speech on the FTX scam in Congress, citing the need to get to the bottom of the situation. He consults lawyers on what to tell congressmen so as not to tell himself on time. And judging by the current activity of law enforcement officers, he can get out of it.

    Read more: Photos on Twitter appear to show Caroline Ellison in New York City, prompting speculation of FTX-linked plea deal

  • Pavel Durov announced the creation of decentralized exchanges and wallets based on Telegram
    Read more: Official Telegram channel
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