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Business Insights Weekly Crypto Market News / 24–28 October

Weekly Crypto Market News / 24–28 October

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31 Oct 2022
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Weekly Crypto News 14-20 November
  1. Who framed USDN? NEAR Protocol abandoned their algorithmic stablecoin USN, and several media wrote about the abandonment of USDN (stable from Waves), which costs again $0.95.The S&P 500 continues to grow locally on faith in the good Fed, which will start lowering the pace of rate hikes in December. Today, the alignment for December 14 is 43% for +50 bp. and 53% for +75 bp. Bitcoin and gold ignore this movement as if they are waiting for a dirty trick or simply do not have demand in the current market. Today Alphabet and Microsoft should report after the close of the US stock market, which could lead to a surge in volatility.

    The technical prediction for BTC on 1D and 4H is built around $19,300. Holding or failure will determine the further direction of movement within the current flat trend. And for an impulse that should have appeared long ago, it must be more than just a local movement.
  2. #BTC (8-hour chart). After the expected decline to the price level of $19,200, Bitcoin made a technical rebound to the upper border of the Symmetrical Triangle, where the confrontation between buyers and sellers continues. The daily candle closed above the monthly POC level, the RSI indicators are above the exponential moving average EMA 50, and the asset itself is trading above the lower border of the Ichimoku Cloud; together, these factors indicate that the uptrend is likely to continue.The Ichimoku Cloud’s upper border coincides with the resistance level of $20,400, which increases the chances of a price movement reversal from this zone. Most likely, the asset volatility will soon increase, and bitcoin will make an upward exit from the trading formation. The scenario will lose its relevance if the price fixes under $19,200.
  3. As part of the announced development strategy for 2023-2027, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) plans to launch its own blockchain platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The exchange said it would create a platform for digital assets using blockchain or distributed ledger technology. It will allow the trading of digital assets while exporting national technology services to smaller foreign marketplaces.As a result, TASE expects a compound annual revenue growth rate of 10% to 12% through 2027. Earlier, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Ministry launched a pilot project for the tokenization of bonds called Eden.Thus, the geography of stock exchanges working with cryptocurrencies is expanding, which will positively impact the spread of digital assets in the long term. The interaction of traditional financial platforms with cryptocurrencies can change the perception of tokens and coins in the mass consciousness, presenting digital assets as practical investment tools that can be used for various purposes.
  4. Altcoins: AstraX web wallet functionality extension includes custom network support of DigitalBits project (#XDB) and increases the cost of #XDB by 45% (to #USDT). The listing of MandoX (#MANDOX) on the decentralized trading platform 1inch Network resulted in a 35% increase in the price of #MANDOX (compared to #USDT). ParaSwap platform (#PSP) upgrade to version 2.0 with changed tokenomics and a new approach to staking caused #PSP to grow by 15% (compared to #USDT).
  5. Western Union is preparing to launch its own crypto exchange.The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market added 0.3% on Monday, and the dominance of bitcoin fell by 0.35%. It is noteworthy that some macroeconomic indicators, for example, PMIs in the manufacturing sector and services in October, indicate a recession in the US economy, which means that the regulator will need to balance on edge to keep the current state. That is another reason for easing the Fed’s monetary policy, which will positively affect the broad market in the short term.
  6. In the Bitcoin network, a transaction of 81,842 BTC for more than $1 billion was conducted, and the commission was less than $1 for the transaction. Any governmental, banking, or third-party organization couldn’t verify this transaction or somehow interfere with the transfer. And how much would it cost to transfer such an amount through the bureaucracy of fiat systems? It will take more than a commission with a few zeros and a couple of working days spent on an explanation of the origin of the money.
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