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Weekly Crypto Market News / 12 — 25 December

Weekly Crypto Market News / 12 — 25 December

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30 Dec 2022
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Weekly Crypto News 19 25 Dec
  • The SEC again filed a motion to withhold data in a case against Ripple.
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  • Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sam Bankman-Fried are among the worst CEOs in technology companies, according to The Guardian.
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  • Crypto analyst Willy Woo is waiting for crypto winter longer than in 2018 but shorter than in 2015
    In his opinion, the current cycle is most similar to 2013 with the collapse of Mt Gox, when 90% of BTC was sold. At the same time, we will exit the accumulation zone faster. Perhaps the analyst is betting on the strength of the current holders.
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  • DEX Uniswap now supports buying cryptocurrencies with bank cards.
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  • 1inch Network has launched the Fusion update, which opens access to key DeFi liquidity without fees.
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  • Investment company Fidelity has filed trademark applications for trading, investments, metaverses, and NFTs related to cryptocurrencies. While we wait in horror for a new scam, the smart money is quietly doing its job.
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There is no bad news and terrible statistics before the New Year. Regarding the calm atmosphere, there is a timid hope for festive growth in stocks and maybe even a little bit in BTC.

The technical picture of BTC is locally bullish at 4H, with support at $16,800. But there is resistance at $17,000 on 1D, and if we don’t gain a higher foothold, we can return to $16k. And the spring is still compressed, and the volatility is extremely low, but this is not about x’s, it’s about the fact that the market is empty.

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