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The new creative MEME token that will be next of PEPE and WSM

The new creative MEME token that will be next of PEPE and WSM

05 Dec 2023
2 min

About project

Meet Vibing Cat – revolutionizing Content Creation on the Blockchain. Unlock the Creative Potential with Vibing Cat Token. The Vibing Cat platform serves as a global hub, seamlessly connecting talent representation, brand development, and technology integration for efficient and quality content sharing. As the native cryptocurrency, VBT tokens, built on the ERC-20 standard, play a pivotal role in the Vibing Cat ecosystem.


The Foundation of Vibing Cat Token is driven by a multi-faceted vision, aiming to transform memes into programmable assets, foster vibrant meme-powered communities, and elevate memes into iconic brands through innovative marketing strategies.

Challenges to solve

Vibing Cat Token unveils Vibing Cat Management (VCM), an all-encompassing solution designed to oversee diverse art forms such as music, visual art, writing, and beyond. VCM not only encompasses talent management, promotion, and business development but also introduces a paradigm shift in the way content creation is managed.

Vibing Cat Token pioneers an innovative use case by addressing a genuine need for a trustworthy and globally recognized system tailored for content creators. This groundbreaking approach harmonizes creativity with the advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, introducing transformative changes to the content management landscape.

Approach used by VBT token

Utility Token (VBT): As the native cryptocurrency, VBT tokens, built on the ERC-20 standard, play a pivotal role in the Vibing Cat ecosystem. They facilitate transactions within the platform, including issuing and verifying art credentials, accessing premium educational content at Vibing Cat Academy (CVV), and participating in governance mechanisms.

Meme-Worthy Tokenomics: Our tokenomics are as memorable as the Vibing Cat project itself. With a token burn of 40%, 5% allocated to content creators’ support, 5% to charity donations, and 10% for future development, marketing, and products, the Vibing Cat Token ensures a sustainable and community-focused approach.

Innovative Use Case: Vibing Cat Token addresses a real need for a reliable and globally recognized system for content creators, offering a unique blend of creativity and blockchain technology.

Community-Driven: With a dedicated team of professionals in blockchain development, artificial intelligence, education technology, and business, Vibing Cat Token is committed to democratizing content creation through blockchain.

Tokenomics: The carefully structured tokenomics ensure a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, creating value for investors and content creators alike.

Token Details:

  • Token Name: Vibing Cat Token
  • Token Symbol: $VCT
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 VCT

Long Story Short

Innovating memes by transforming them into programmable assets through advanced smart contract development.

Community Building:

Cultivating meme-powered communities through strategic engagement and collaborative initiatives.

Branding and Marketing:

Uplifting memes into iconic brands via innovative marketing strategies.

Token Launch:

Igniting meme magic through a strategic token launch for unparalleled community empowerment.


Forging potent alliances to amplify meme impact and foster thriving ecosystems.

Token Listings:

Propelling memes into the spotlight through strategic token listings for widespread accessibility and recognition.

Exchange Listings:

Rocketing memes to mainstream recognition via strategic exchange listings for global accessibility and liquidity.

Awareness Campaigns:

Boosting meme vibes with epic awareness campaigns to make them go viral and trend everywhere.

Content Creation Management:

Nurturing meme maestros at the Content Creation Academy, where creativity meets the meme revolution – VCM –

Market Cap Goal:

Setting our sights on the meme stratosphere with a sky-high market cap goal.


Unleashing more meme power with fresh listings to expand our reach and rock the crypto scene.

Audience Engagement and Promotion:

Enhancing audience engagement and promotion strategies to keep the meme revolution alive and thriving.

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