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SPENT will be listed on p2b

SPENT will be listed on p2b

20 Jun 2024
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About project 

Espento is at the forefront of decentralized finance, offering innovative solutions for earning and managing cryptocurrencies. Espento values its community, fostering a collaborative environment where users can shape the platform’s evolution through the Espento DAO. This approach ensures that the platform evolves in line with user needs and preferences.

Espento maximizes its capabilities with its own blockchain, which offers lightning-fast transactions with minimal fees. Users can rest assured their assets are secure thanks to top-tier blockchain technology. The speed of near-instant transactions ensures seamless crypto interactions, and the $SPENT token burn mechanism dynamically enhances its value with each transaction.

SPENT is a versatile asset driving various DeFi solutions. It facilitates Yield Farming, powers a DEX, and supports Staking. SPENT’s innovative features include DeFi games and an Affiliate program, with plans for an Application Native Blockchain underway. SPENT entered the metaverse, offering entertainment-based earning through NFT games, aligning with the ‘Play to Earn’ paradigm and enhancing community governance through the DAO.



Espentos mission is to enhance a decentralized financial system through the integration of individuals, value, ownership, and reputation. It aims to cater to a worldwide audience by offering diversity, education, and a novel financial system tailored for traditional investors. Positioned as a significant participant in the DeFi sector, Espento’s ecosystem provides the critical stability and liquidity necessary for global markets.

Key Features

Espento’s suite of decentralized applications aims to transform the crypto experience:

  • Swap: Simplifies token exchanges.
  • Bridge: Connects blockchain networks for seamless asset movement.
  • Staking: Enables passive income and supports DeFi ecosystem growth.
  • Espento Games: Combines entertainment with earning potential.
  • DAO: Empowers community governance.
  • Lending and Borrowing: Supports wealth growth and financial optimization.
  • Espento Wallet: Provides secure crypto asset management.

Challenges to solve


Espento is focused on implementing scalable solutions to efficiently manage the growing network demands of its users. This involves enhancing the infrastructure to support a larger volume of transactions without compromising speed or performance. 


Espento’s own blockchain unlocks its full potential, offering lightning-fast transactions with minimal fees. A significant challenge is developing seamless integration capabilities with other blockchain networks, side chains, and centralized platforms. Espento is dedicated to fostering collaboration and expanding its services across diverse ecosystems. 

Security Measures: 

Security is paramount in the blockchain space. Espento is committed to implementing robust security measures, including cryptographic advancements and cutting-edge protocols. This commitment ensures the protection of user data, the integrity of transactions, and the overall security of the network.

User Adoption and Education: 

Facilitating widespread user adoption involves addressing challenges related to user education and awareness. Espento aims to develop comprehensive strategies and initiatives to educate users about the platform’s features, benefits, and the broader implications of its technology. 

Regulatory Compliance: 

Navigating regulatory landscapes is complex for blockchain projects. Espento actively works to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, fostering positive relationships with regulatory bodies. This involves staying updated with evolving legal frameworks and adapting the platform to meet compliance requirements. 

Talent Acquisition and Retention: 

Building and maintaining a skilled and motivated team is crucial for project success. Espento addresses the challenge of talent acquisition and retention through strategic token allocation and vesting structures. 

Long-Term Sustainability: 

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project involves addressing economic challenges, coinomics, and governance structures. Espento focuses on designing and implementing sustainable models that foster growth, value creation, and community engagement over an extended period. This includes strategic planning, continuous improvement, and adapting to market changes to maintain a thriving ecosystem.

The approach used by Spent token

Espento adopts a community-centric approach by allocating tokens to participants in public sales. This includes referral commissions and rewards, which foster a vibrant and engaged community. This inclusive strategy encourages active involvement in the platform’s growth and decision-making processes, thereby strengthening community bonds and loyalty.

To ensure long-term team stability, Espento reserves and vests Core Tokens for team members and developers based on their performance and deliverables. Additionally, a portion of these tokens is reserved for potential future team members, ensuring the continuous influx of fresh talent and ideas.

Advisors and Ambassadors:
Espento acknowledges the critical role of Advisors and Ambassadors in promoting and guiding the project by reserving vested tokens exclusively for them. These tokens are allocated to recognize their strategic contributions and successes in expanding the platform’s reach and credibility. 

Strategically allocated tokens for marketing purposes play a vital role in boosting Espento’s visibility and promoting the platform effectively. These tokens are utilized for various activities such as events, collaborations with influencers and media platforms, and engaging in promotional campaigns.

EcoSystem Liquidity:
To address market demands and potential supply shortages, Espento allocates tokens to support liquidity. This ensures the smooth circulation of tokens within the ecosystem, maintaining a healthy market environment for trading and other use cases. 

Core Lab:
Espento emphasizes research and development through Core Lab, which supports the creation of unique platforms and the development of Smart Contracts. This focus on R&D ensures that Espento remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements, continuously enhancing its offerings and capabilities.


EcoSystem Treasury:
Reserved Core Tokens are allocated to platforms that contribute uniquely to the ecosystem, stimulating demand and circulation. This strategic allocation supports various initiatives within the ecosystem, driving growth and sustainability.

Meet the Espento IEO on June 20, 2024, on the P2B exchange. 


Join Espento now and become a part of the decentralized future where every voice matters!

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